Monday, January 30, 2012

Meet My Sweet Little Boy.

At 12 days overdue I had to be induced but the labor went flawlessly and our precious baby boy is finally here.   I had a smooth 14 hour labor and pushed for only 20 minutes and he entered the world.

Audric Ronan was born Thursday January 19 @ 12:17 am weighing 7.3 lbs. and measuring 21".

My husband and I are in awe of our amazing little guy.   We've spent the last week (trying) to adjust to the lack of sleep, constant feedings, and never ending poop-y pants, etc. etc.  It's simultaneously exhausting like nothing else, exciting, nerve wracking, anxiety inducing, joyful and so on.   There truly is no way to understand parenthood until you are in it.  You think you've got it covered and it's understood....until you're in it!  Alas, we are in love and cannot imagine our life without him.

I'll slowly be transitioning back into the vintage world over the next month or so.   I just wanted to share a quick update to my awesome followers.  Talk soon!  xoxo Mommy, Daddy and Baby

Monday, January 16, 2012

Check out this cool little blog that features cool finds from Etsy = EtsySpot.  I love all the hand-picked vintage.

My Danish modern, Peter Hvidt inspired sofa was featured today. Thanks Ninja from Norway.

Happy Monday!  

Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's a Mid Century Chair Parade!

It's been a week of chair overload, and I love it!  I have a chair crush, along with clocks and lamps.

And drum roll pleeaaase....... my dream chairs have come true.  I now own a pair of Z chairs :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Mid Century Modern Starburst Lamp

What's a very pregnant girl to do but lay around (uncomfortable) and wait for baby to come?  Oh yes, shop for lamps.  Sure, why not feed my lamp addiction?

Well, I picked up this beauty locally on Ebay with plans to put it in my shop. Buuuuuut, yep you guessed it; I got it home and could not part with it.  I refinished the wood and scrubbed the brass.    Isn't it pretty? I just love it.  It had to go front and center on my Brasilia piece in the entry way.

I scored this wall hanging lamp on Etsy a couple of months back. I'd been looking for a wall mounted mid century light for some time.  They are few and far between and typically very expensive. This was a great score!  

aaaaand, I picked this one up from Etsy to replace the sort of beat up lamp I had on my side table.  Listen to me justify the lamp purchases.... ha ha

and, yep, still going, I actually picked up another lamp from Ebay but I don't know if I'm keeping it.  It was purchased just before I found the above lamp on Etsy, which I like much better.

Hey, told you I had a lamp addiction! 

Happy New Year.


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