Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Painting Vintage and Mid Century Modern Furniture.

I recently sold a little cut-out Heritage table locally. I loved it as is but always thought it was the perfect design for a fresh coat of bright paint. Check out what the new owner did with it:



And other painted vintage pieces: 

Hot Pink Mid Century Bookcase @ Fabulous Mess

Painted Brasilia Dresser @ Casa Sugar

Blue Hollywood Regency Dresser @ Custom Nursery Art 

Pink Accent Vintage Dresser @ Project Nursery

Yellow Vintage Credenza @ Mabel's House

Blue Desk Credenza @ Curbly

Yellow Vintage Chair @ Circa Furniture

What do you think?  Are you a purist or open to mod colors on vintage furniture? 


Dana@Mid2Mod said...

I used to think painting vintage furniture was a sacrilege, but I've been seeing some amazing pieces on the Kirkmodern site. I've always loved the painted Brasilia dresser the Casa Sugar showed in a nursery, and now you've found even more!!!

We've been talking seriously about trying one or two partially painted pieces to see what kind of reaction we get. My SIL is in the process of setting up a paint booth at our warehouse, and then we'll be off to the races. :)

Rhan Vintage said...

Same here Dana, I was was always the school of thought "Keep it original" but some of these have kind of swayed me. I've always loved the white accent Brasilia piece.

Susan @ Retro Restyling said...

I have no objections on painting furniture. ;) You know that great Koehler set we got for my oldest? Well, we got it home and it has a green tint stain more so than blonde plus there was a lot of scratches, so I am painting the whole set. I think I'm going to go for a really cool gray and use blues, oranges and greens for some added colors. I really want a cool retro curvy lamp for the long dresser too!

I think it's amazing what people can do for old pieces that have lost their decorative charm. Some people totally blow me away with their restyles. That table you sold looks so cool with that color too!

Vintage Hunter said...

The painted Brasilia makes me want to cry. I'm only ok with paint if the piece is a piece of garbage to begin with.

Rhan Vintage said...

I was thinking those pieces would be great for painting! Your color scheme sounds awesome. I'm doing similar colors for my nursery. Very modern!

Nik said...

The lime paint transformed that table into something special. I think paint is refreshing for a piece that is truly dated. But something that's iconic should be left "as is" unless it's really trashed. However, I love all the painted pieces you've shown.

Mr. Modtomic said...

Yeah, paint it if it's headed for the trash (or if it's so ugly it's cute, ie - lots of that Mediterranean stuff!). If it's finish is able to be saved I think it's a shame to paint it. I'm not digging that painted Brasilia but I might like it more if it was either all white (maybe a combination of gloss and flat or something) or something more subtle (satin black where it is white now).

Retro Restyling said...

I agree too, if it's in great condition with an awesome wood grain, then totally leave it as is. I actually think the Brasilia should have been left alone. I would give anything to have one of those in awesome condition. As for my son's set, I was hoping that the wood under the stain would be consistent and something I could strip and leave natural, but after a little inspection and a tiny bit of stripping it wasn't. :(

Seo Jack said...

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Unknown said...

I am so with you on painting mid century.I just bought a Broyhill Saga dresser to sell,been staring at it for two weeks, and everyone says re stain, but all I see is a mod cool color for it,i am going to paint,and bring out the starburst engraves on the door with another color as well.thank you for the inspiration!


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