Sunday, December 1, 2013

Now That's a Bar! Mid Century, Danish Bar Cabinet.

Just when you think you've seen it all, a little gem like this pops up.  Featured for sale on Craigslist Los Angeles, this awesome teak wood, danish modern, mid century bar cabinet with built in refrigerator.   This is one of my favorite sellers on CL L.A. because s/he has the most incredible pieces.  Where oh where do you find them??

$925 for sale as of 12/1/13 here
Vintage Danish Modern Teak Refrigerator/Bar Credenza.
This vintage Danish Modern Teak Bar Credenza has a working aqua colored refrigerator! Completely self-contained, this bar has everything you need! As you open the brass handled door on the left, an asymmetrical storage area is lined in beautiful birch. Behind the right door is a working refrigerator with metal shelving. The fridge door is attached to the teak door and snuggly closes to keep the appliance sealed, and the cold air in.

This unique Danish Modern bar/refrigerator is cleaned, polished, and ready to enjoy!

42"W x 32"H x 21.5"D
Call him/her at: 949-413-6720

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Southern California Craigslist Finds

I go in waves. I took a loooong break from hunting Craigslist because I was over the spammers and scams and also because the "good deals" seemed to be long gone. Boo hoo, I know.  Well, I'm back at it and guess what, there are good deals to be had, you just need to dig through the hundreds of vintage, mid century, etc. listings.  Who knew...j/k.

Here are just a few I spotted today in the O.C.....

Danish Modern Teak Cube Side Tables $50 each 

Mid Century Orange Sofa Set and 2 Lounge Chairs $600
Nelson Slat Table $195
Shag Rug $50

Funky Rattan Chair on Eames Style Base $49

Herman Miller Style Fiberglass Scoop Bar Stools $75 each

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mid Century Modern Real Estate. Southern California.

Yes, I'll take it!  < Don't I wish? >

Can you handle all this mid century architectural yumminess?  Yes, that's a technical design term.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mid Century Design is for the Birds. Literally.

In this case, mid century is for the birds, and it looks super cool!  I came across Mid Century Wood Shop on Etsy and fell in love with the atomic inspired bird houses.  If you're into 50's and 60's design, these might be for you.

The houses are like mini atomic, or googie ranch homes.  They are hand-made with real wood and sealed with a non-toxic sealant, or painted.

Paul also crafts modern planters and plant trellis:


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