Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Atomic Kitchen Accessories. Sin in Linen.

Although I love cooking, it's not quite the same experience since having my second child.  Now it feels more like a task, a rushed necessity to survive, less of an enjoyable process.  What can help that? Aside from more time in a day and much less to do, not much. Enter Sin in Linen kitchen accessories!  

Sometimes all you need is a little (mid century) design to remind you to slow down and enjoy the moments, even if they are small.  The simple act of putting on my cute Atomic Dreams apron transports me into a more relaxed space. 

 Check out the fun, googie pattern of this sweet little apron and oven mitts.  

Not into Googie? Check out their other awesome, edgy prints at Sin In Linen.

Based in Seattle, Sin in Linen was founded by Sandy Glaze and has been providing soft goods with hardcore style since 2004. We collaborate with artists and manufacturers around the world to bring you stylish home textiles on high-quality ethically produced cotton. We are a women-owned and run business encouraging style that is tough and bold as well as sexy and feminine. It's our desire to ignite passion in the home with exciting designs inspired by retro aesthetic, world travel, pinups, tattoos and rock ‘n roll.


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