Monday, April 16, 2012

Paoli Mid Century Rocking Lounge Chair. Here and Gone!

I had this beauty in my possession for about 1.5 days before it sold. I picked it up on Friday in the pouring rain (a beautiful chair will get me out of the house even in a down pour), I listed it in my shop on Saturday and when I woke up Sunday morning it was sold!

This is a mid century era Paoli chair in incredible (like new) condition. It's oh-so-comfy.  And look at those gorgeous lines and curves!  The best part of this awesome chair is that it looks like a standard lounge but when you sit down.....ah, it's a rocking chair!   I thought for a second about swapping it for my orange rocker in my nursery but it would not have worked well with the rest of the decor.  But, I'm happy to say another new Mommy is getting this for her nursery. It's the perfect nursing rocker for the hip mid century momma.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Aldo Londi for Bitossi. Blue Ceramic Penguin.

At least 2 years ago I hit a local yard sale and picked up a very cute blue ceramic penguin. It seemed kinda vintage but I really had no idea. I just liked the colors and thought it was cute.  $5?  Sure, why not.

It was not until today that I realized what I have is a 1950's Bitossi of Italy piece designed by Aldo Londi.  I realized this in a roundabout way: I was searching for Vitra miniatures and came across the site Unica Home.  I clicked on Vitra, then the Bitossi link and saw pieces that looked very similar to my blue penguin.  A little research and it was confirmed that what I have is the real thing. It seems he's worth around $150-ish.  Gotta love it! Not that I didn't already really like him thinking it was a random ceramic piece but it's pretty cool knowing it's a legitimate collectors item.  Problem is, now I'd like more. Check out some of the other pieces.....

C. 1955 Bitossi Rimini Blu Planter with Pecan Wood Stand Added by Raymor $595

Reproductions available @ DWR

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mid Century Sofa Daybed, Selig Rocking Chair and More...

I've been very lucky lately in the mid century world. In past blog posts I've written about my obsessions: Danish modern rocking chairs, Plycraft lounge chairs, Daybed-style Sofas, Z Chairs, and Brasilia and Sculptra designs by Broyhill.  Guess what?  Somehow I've since acquired all of these pieces.  Is it that you put it out in the universe and it comes to you OR is it that patience and persistence (and a lot of hard work), pay off? A little of both I think.

My latest killer finds......

A mid century floating daybed style sofa.  

I'm not crazy about the navy & yellow upholstery but I love the sofa itself.  I'm living with the colors for now and seeing if it grows on me but I'm thinking "no" at the moment.    
Is my lamp too big for this sofa?  Drat, I think so....

And today, I picked up this Selig Rocking Chair.  Drool right? I never thought I'd own one but I came across this beauty and just had to spring for it.   Dare I say I might part with the pair of Z chairs to keep this?   Decisions, decisions.  I can't keep them all, though I'd love to.  

I also picked up these items today:

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rare Mid Century Chair by Kipp Stewart.

Update to this post 12n PST: This chair was designed by Kipp Stewart for Drexel per the owner.

Original post:
I just had to.  What is this?  Has anyone seen a swirly arm chair like this?

Browsing Craigslist this morning I came across the headline "Rare Mid Century Chair" $375 and had to click on it to see this "rare" piece. I'm always interested in rarities but this....I've never seen anything like it. It's um, strange, huh?


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