Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Mother Ship Has Landed. Danish Modern Lamps.

It arrived!  The mother ship has landed!  It looks very atomic and space age right?  It's a Danish mid century lamp with teak wood legs, brass hardware and a frosted white glass shade.  

This is the lamp I mentioned in an earlier post that I ordered from Ebay to go in the bedroom.  Well, before it arrived I found a mushroom lamp at Salvation Army that is now on my bedside table, so this had to find a new home.  It was larger than expected but I absolutely love it.  I've got it in the den for now but we'll see where it ends up.

I just love lamps. I probably have too many in my home but oh well.  No, you can't have too many.

Here are some other super cool Danish lamps available on Ebay and Etsy:

Danish Modern Hanging Lamp $200 at Bloodline NYC 

Mid Century Danish Modern Teak Eames Era Lamp $350 from AS Village Treasures

Danish Modern Teak Hanging Lamp Poulsen era bid at $73.54 from Zeppelin36

Danish Modern Eames Era Laverne Table Lamp $325 from Modern and Objects

Wow, they just don't make them like this anymore.  I'm always saying that.  I love the mid century!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Give the Gift of Vintage!

Though it's hard for me to stomach, the holidays are fast approaching.  I'm someone who wishes it could go from Summer to Fall to Summer to Fall and skip the rest.  Bah humbug, I know.

Why not give the gift of vintage this year?  Vintage pieces are tid bits of history.  How incredible to imagine where they've been?  They are usually quite well made (think Mid Century furniture) and if we're talking 1950's-1960's, they look modern and oh-so-cool.  Plus it's good for the earth. It's time to re-use what we've got.

Where to find?  There are so many outlets for shopping vintage if you're not a thrift store/garage sale/estate sale troll like myself. Etsy is an incredible source for vintage and all things handmade.

Case 1 - check out this incredible treasury (a collection of a person's favorite items from Etsy) for the "Mod Man" put together by Irene Suchocki, an amazing photographer.  Great gift ideas and some great prices too.  Look at the incredible art deco phone for $21.  I paid more than that for mine at an estate sale.

Cool stuff right?  My Eames inspired chair is part of this great collection.  Thanks Irene!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Joseph Eichler Homes

Joseph Eichler was an American real estate developer responsible for developing more than 11,000  tract homes in California during the mid century.   His company was called Eichler Homes and those fortunate enough to live in one of his homes today lovingly refer to them simply as their "Eichler".

Joseph was influential in bringing modern architecture to the general public and was known as a social visionary for commissioning modern designs primarily for the middle class.  In his life he developed 9 tract communities in Northern and Southern California, with "The Highlands" of San Mateo being the largest.  His Mid Century homes are distinct and immediately recognizable with glass walls, A-frame roofs, geometric design and post and beam construction.

I have seen his Balboa Highlands development in Granada Hills, CA. and can say they are truly spectacular.   Walking through the neighborhood you can actually transport yourself to the 60's and feel what it might have been like to live in that modern Eichler world.  The homes are of course immaculate, well cared for and historically preserved by their (lucky) owners.  

I was able to go inside one during a garage sale and truly did not want to leave, ever.  Eye candy galore - the entire house was period perfect from the Saarinen tulip dining table and matching chairs, to the Sputnik chandelier and teak wall unit and not to mention the longest credenza I've ever seen in my life.  Amazing!

Here are some images of the Eichlers of California.  Aren't they beautiful?

photos courtesy Pure Contemporary 

I dream of living in my very own 1960's modernist home some day!  Ah...some day.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Friday Finds. Vintage Lamps and a Drafting Chair.

Friday afternoon I made a stop into one of my other favorite Salvation Army stores in my neighborhood and had some great finds.  You just never know what might be there. That's part of my addiction - the hunt and the unexpected surprises.  It's a great rush to find cool things!

I love the color of this mid century drafting chair and it's in great shape aside from some expected scuffing on the foot stool and a little threading on the seat.  I really have no place for this chair so I think it's destined for my Etsy shop

I had been searching for a cute lamp for my bedroom side table with no luck.  It seems when I'm looking for something it doesn't show up.  I get impatient.  I broke down and bought a lamp on Ebay, which is fabulous but wouldn't you know it, days after I pay for the Ebay lamp I find a mushroom/tulip lamp.

I have a thing for anything mushroom and tulip shaped. Fortunately for me these styles were huge in the 60's.  Thank you Eero Saarinen and Laurel lamps.

I'd been eyeing mushroom lamps on Etsy and Ebay for awhile but couldn't justify popping for one.  I love the hunt and finally finding something on my own at a thrift store or garage sale.  Surprise for me when I spotted this one. Yay! where will I put the Ebay lamp that is soon to arrive?  

I also found this awesome industrial style mid century lamp.  It's in great condition and would look so cool in someone's office or creative space.  Hey, it will go well with drafting chair.  I love how it hooks on the back (in the picture it's on my front door to demonstrate).   The neck can be moved up or down and held in place by tightening the orange knob.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mid Century Under $100

I love to browse Craigslist to see what fabulous Mid Century pieces are available.  I don't even necessarily look to buy, as my house is pretty packed, but it's just fun to look and I never know what I might find that I can't live without. I've been known to switch things out in my house if I find something I love.

Here are some great pieces on Craigslist Los Angeles now, all under $100.  Check it out:

Mid Century Modern Cabinet-Media Storage/TV Cabinet $49 (West Hollywood)
Great cut-out design.  Perfect multi use cabinet. I kinda want this! 

Mid Century Modern Dresser $100 (Encino) 
Hey, that's me! Yes, the handles are on upside down.  No clue why they would be that way but the new owner can change if s/he wants.  STATUS: Sold! 

Saarinen Style Lucite Chair $60 (West LA)
I love me some Saarinen!  This one is very pretty with the curved lucite back. This would look great with Hollywood Regency decor. 

Floating Mid Century Table $85 (Hollywood)
Love the legs and frame on this. 

Wrought Iron Chair and Table Mid Century Eames Era $59 (Marina Del Rey)
This is a fun set.  Very different.  It's $59 for both.

Mid Century Tile Table $50 (Eagle Rock)
Very pretty. Love the tile inset. 

Mid Century Lounge Chair $70 (San Fernando)
I love these chairs.  They are classic mid century.  This one needs some cushions and maybe some stain.  

Friday, October 22, 2010

Complete Hans Wegner Finn Juhl Dining and Lounge Set

Yes please! I'll take it.  Get this amazing Danish Modern room in a box for only $12,957.00.  Yeah right. Courtesy of Forme Contenute.  Actually not a bad deal if you consider all the pieces included and the fact that it's original Wegner (and if you happen to have $12K just laying around for some furniture).  Also, the listing says it's in perfect condition.  Purchased 50 years ago and never used!  Amazing.

You get: 1 dining table with 2 extensions, 6 dining chairs, 2 armchairs, 1 sofa, 1 coffee table, 1 small credenza and 1 large credenza.

Look at this room! See it here while the listing is still active on Ebay. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dinner in Denmark.

Want to come over for dinner tonight?  I can seat 6.  On the menu, Stegt Kylling, Gronlangkaal and Gule Aerter with a dessert of Mors Aeblekage.

Here are the beautiful Danes (only 4 pictured).  I picked up this set of 6 teak dining chairs yesterday afternoon at one of my favorite Salvation Army stores.  They caught my eye on my way out, luckily.  They were stacked tall in a bin that had just been pushed out from the back.  Score!  It's hard to find a set of mid century dining chairs that match and are in good condition.

This is a particular style I believe came out of the late 60's perhaps even dare I say 1970?  The manufacturer is unknown and they are unmarked except for "Made in Denmark" on the bottom.  The look is very close to Benny Linden and somewhat similar to styles I've seen by Koefoeds Hornslet.

Though not my favorite style of Danish mid century design they are quite lovely and will fit in very well with a Danish modern decor.  The tall back rests provide great support and have a beautiful organic curve.

They are in amazing structural condition (and very comfortable to sit in).  The teak is smooth and with only minimal, light scratching here and there.  The seats have original upholstery that is in very good condition but they do need a cleaning.

I'll be posting these in my Etsy shop in the next couple of days for anyone interested. Pick up is always welcome and free in the Los Angeles area. They can be shipped via Greyhound to the rest of the U.S.

See you for dinner!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Mid Century Dining Chair

Though I love all things mid century and Danish I have a serious love affair with dining chairs.   Yes, my husband should worry.  If I could date a Danish dining chair, I would.

In one year I have switched out my dining chairs 3 times and finally settled on my set of 4 tripods.  I suppose I'd give up my tripods for a set of Niels Moller teak dining chairs if they crossed my path.

Here is one of my 4 tripods: 
Style attributed to Hans Olsen for Frem Rojle though mine are not marked so I don't know where they came from.  

What sparked this post?  Well I'll tell you!  I dropped in to one of my favorite Salvation Army stores this afternoon. On my way out I spotted a bin that had just been rolled out from the back.   "Self, I smell new inventory and I think I see a pointed leg sticking out"......could it be, could it be?   Yes!  A beautiful set of 6 Danish dining chairs.  What a find.

Due to our current torrential down pour I can't bring them in to photograph but that's on my list for tomorrow.  In the meantime, enjoy this eye candy.  Here are some of my favorites from Niels Moller and other greats...

Niels Moller, 1959 Curved Back Teak & Leather

Niels Moller, 1960's Slatted Back Rosewood & Paper Cord

Niels Moller, Style 64 Arm Chair 

Eames' Walnut DCM

Eames' Molded Shell Chair with Eiffel Base

Harry Ostergaard

 Kai Kristiansen 

Eero Saarinen's Tulip Chair 

Harry Bertoia's Side Chair 


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