Saturday, October 9, 2010

STARBURST: Found! and my Saturday Shopping

I'm proud to say, Starburst - Found!  I've got a thing for starbursts, be it on china, glassware or the design of a clock; it tugs at my heart.  

I did my usual Saturday morning thing: no sleeping in, 1 1/2 cups of coffee, quick breakfast, throw on a hat and out the door by 7:45 ish to hit the estate sales.  This morning's sales were just okay.  I didn't walk away empty handed but I also did not walk away fully satisfied.  So, it was off to my regular tour of thrift and antique shops to get my full fix.

At my last stop, empty handed (no! it can't be) I took one look in a bin that had just been pushed out from the back and there it was....a vintage starburst clock.   This one is just one touch off as it has a faux wood look starburst/flower hybrid pattern.  I love it!  It's got a gold face, it works, is in excellent condition and it's a nice large 25" x 25".  It's already hanging on the wall in my entry room next to my original oil by Ozz Franca (another ridiculous thrift store find).  Yep, I'm keeping this one!

What do you think? 

Some other things I found today and this past week, which will be available for sale in my shop soon...

Teak wood nesting serving trays

LOTS of Mid Century salt and pepper: 

Antique oil can 

Dansk enamelware pot (or fondue)

Mid century cake/dessert/hors d'oeuvres display

and lots more...


Mr. Modtomic said...

I almost can't find the energy to do estate sales anymore. There is so much involved in going through the listings, mapping them out and spending the first half of the day driving to and fro. Then you have a weekend like yours where you just can't seem to find anything...ugh. Too hard. I need to suck it up though. I've found some really great things at estate sales. That starburst clock is Not To Shabby! Likewise the Dansk pot.

Modernsnap ! said...

I'm loving the starburst - so jealous! I have a 'fake' one I found at hobby lobby, lame. :)


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