Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dinner in Denmark.

Want to come over for dinner tonight?  I can seat 6.  On the menu, Stegt Kylling, Gronlangkaal and Gule Aerter with a dessert of Mors Aeblekage.

Here are the beautiful Danes (only 4 pictured).  I picked up this set of 6 teak dining chairs yesterday afternoon at one of my favorite Salvation Army stores.  They caught my eye on my way out, luckily.  They were stacked tall in a bin that had just been pushed out from the back.  Score!  It's hard to find a set of mid century dining chairs that match and are in good condition.

This is a particular style I believe came out of the late 60's perhaps even dare I say 1970?  The manufacturer is unknown and they are unmarked except for "Made in Denmark" on the bottom.  The look is very close to Benny Linden and somewhat similar to styles I've seen by Koefoeds Hornslet.

Though not my favorite style of Danish mid century design they are quite lovely and will fit in very well with a Danish modern decor.  The tall back rests provide great support and have a beautiful organic curve.

They are in amazing structural condition (and very comfortable to sit in).  The teak is smooth and with only minimal, light scratching here and there.  The seats have original upholstery that is in very good condition but they do need a cleaning.

I'll be posting these in my Etsy shop in the next couple of days for anyone interested. Pick up is always welcome and free in the Los Angeles area. They can be shipped via Greyhound to the rest of the U.S.

See you for dinner!


Hunting Tigress said...

What a score! Love the lines of the chairs!

Vintage Hunter said...

They look great - very nice lines!


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