Monday, October 18, 2010

Vintage GE Flip Alarm Clock

My new, err old, new alarm clock arrived today.  Don't you love getting packages in the mail?

I won this retro beauty on Ebay for $8.09.  I love the minimalist look of it and of course, the flipping numbers.   It's a nice pale beige color, perfect for my yet-to-be-decided color of the bedroom.

It has a spinning second hand on the right hand side and the alarm time on the left wheel.   I've tested the alarm function and boy does it work.  My husband is "protesting" it's use due to the horrid buzzing sound it emits.  Well, at least now maybe I will get up when the alarm goes off.  Isn't that an alarm's purpose?   In the past I'd roll over and turn the music alarm off in a half-sleep state.  Yeah, that's effective!   So now we're cool and we'll get up on time.

Here are some other flips on Ebay currently:


General Electric Flip Alarm Clock Lighted Dial $5.99


Vintage FLIP alarm Clock sankyo digital model 412 b14 $4.99

.................and some available at Etsy:

Vintage Working General Electric Flip Clock $32.00

Vintage Olive Green Sunbeam Electronic Flip Alarm Clock Geekery $18.00

Seth Thomas Vintage Speed Read Clock E 037 $65.00

What wakes you up in the morning? 


Vintage Hunter said...

I really want to get an old flip clock for my bedside but pretty much every old clock I come across makes too much noise. I picked one up at a thrift store the other day for just a $1.50 that I hoped would work out but it just flat out didn't work. Bah!

Mr. Modtomic said...

Sweet Flip Clock! And you beat me to the punch! I was planning (probably still will) to post about my collection of Flip Clocks! All but one of mine are clock radios. The only one without a radio is a very '60s / '70s Mod looking Copal. I've even got a Real Big Lloyds with stereo speakers! It was my first and bought in Berkely California at a Junque shop this past summer.

Rhan Vintage said...

Yeah, I've come across a few at thrift stores and they didn't work either!

Mr. Mod - I'm excited to see your collection! Post it, post it!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I like those dining chairs from the Salvation Army in your top post - what a lucky find!

Vintage Alarm Clock said...

When I think of vintage alarm clocks i think of old style bell ringer clocks that make you feel like you're waking up inside of a black and white movie of some kind... it can also add to the look of your home depending on what you are going for.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, great passion indeed !!!!
is this one
"Vintage Working General Electric Flip Clock $32.00"
available to you ???
Do U know if it makes noise ???
Thanks & best regards


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