Thursday, October 14, 2010

Come on in! My Office and the Things I Love.

Well, here it is; the place I write you from each day and the place I sit to post on Etsy...and search Craigslist....and do "real" work.  Come on in, check out my office!  Isn't it fun to peek inside?

My beloved Saarinen inspired Tulip Arm Chair.  Wish it was Saarinen but it's at least an original 60's chair made in California.  It was a wreck when I found it but after some patching, stripping, sanding and repainting, voila - like new!

I call this vintage dress form a "gift from my house".  My husband and I purchased our 1950's home last summer, gutted it and remodeled.  Months after the restore was done I was digging around in our detached garage (making plans to restore it too) and found this 1950's dress form up in the rafters.  I had always wanted one!  And check out my owl clock - $2.99 at Goodwill.  Score!

Another one of my favorite finds.  A perfect pair of 1960's big eyed kitty and puppy oleographs signed by the artist. I love the color of the frames.  They are in pristine condition!

My vintage bookcase whose sole purpose is to display my chotchkies.  Hey, at least there are really some books on it.  You can see my 1940's rubber girl toy on the right, which serves as my avatar for everything vintage.  She was one of my very first vintage finds years and years and years ago.  

I'm in love with the set of 3 Pinocchio style guys....which can be seen better below.

More chotchkie love!  My turqouise tensor lamp, light up 50's globe and 60's puzzle piece cat box.

More chotchie love! Yep!  My 40's telephone, skeleton key collection, turn of the century fan, owl collection, Alger books and African Salt and Pepper Shaker Set with Elephant.  Yes, the little people are the shakers!

Ugh, more chotchkies!?  I'm feeling the need to edit down... um, no, that feeling has passed.  Another owl, brass kitty, apple and birds, 3-D vintage picture, old Kodak camera and opera glasses. 

And last but not least my desk.  It's a 1950's Mainline.  
This photo was taken right after I restored it last Fall.  I found it on Craigslist as part of an estate.  It was in really bad condition so I got it for $40.  It needed stripping, sanding, stain and seal. Now, it's gorgeous and I don't think I'll ever part with it.  

Thanks for stopping in!  I hope you liked some of my collection. I'd love to see your space too!


Vintage Hunter said...

Love your desk! It looks fantastic. I would never part with it either.

Modernsnap ! said...

Oh I love your stuff! You and I have way too much in common! ;)

Mr. Modtomic said...

Danish Desk, Lighted Globe, tons of wonder I feel at home!


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