Friday, October 1, 2010

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Brasilia Headboard and Lamps

If you are a Brasilia fanatic like me, or if you simply love the mid century design, you must check out the blog Mr. Modtomic. His finds at local flea markets, shops, Craigslist, etc. will make any MCM lover drool and wish they could be his shopping partner in crime.

Ok, first...he has the most amazing Brasilia headboard I have ever seen! I can only hope to find a headboard for my own bed (the search has been long and tedious) that is even a fraction as fabulous as this one. I mean, look at those lines!

Now on to the lamps...if you are over the shock of the headboard yet. The LAMPS: If you look at them too long your eyes will burn; yes, like the sun. They are that incredible. If you're a Brasilia lover than you get what I'm saying.

To me, I'm looking at art when I see the Brasilia lines. I've said it time and time again, they just don't make them like this anymore. The design is striking yet simple and so pleasing to the eye in an overt yet simultaneously subconscious way. Strange I know, but that's how I feel. I will forever love and covet the Brasilia design.

So, it's confirmed; the mid west is a gold-mine for mid century finds. I'm a mid west girl by birth, born in Kansas City Missouri, and I'm feeling a deep desire to get a one-way ticket to St. Louis or KC, rent a truck and scour the land for mid century modern, then drive....yes drive back to Los Angeles, California with my truck load!


midwest.modern said...

It's weird seeing a post of my blog on your blog, uh next, blog post. Is that right?

Oh, and I got another headboard out in the garage (needs a quick re-finish) with your name on it. Anytime you wanna drop by! Actually, a young couple from Minneapolis Mn. rented a truck and drove down here to pick up a Brasilia headboard, tall dresser, long low dresser, mirror and credenza from me earlier this Spring. I've gone through a lot of Brasilia to get the set I have now.

Kris Hampton said...

I recently had this headboard in my hand at a thrift store... dilemma... no price. When I took it to the counter, I was told they couldn't sell it, because it was part of a set... sold a few hours earlier. I did get to see and fondle it, as it was still in the store awaiting pickup. So sad. Next day, same store, we scored a Sculptra china cabinet, but we still long for that Brasilia.


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