Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Brasilia induces heart palpitations...

My all time favorite mid century design is Brasilia by Broyhill. My heart thumps harder when I see the stunning, sweeping design. It's true perfection in my eyes.

The Brasilia collection was created in 1962. Inspired by the architecture in the city of Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, it's clear to see where the stunning design came from.

Though more than 50 years old the design is just as striking, if not more so, in the modern day.

They just don't make them like this anymore.

Below are some current Ebay finds that make me want to go without eating or getting hair cuts, or paying the mortgage to afford...uh, maybe not that last one but what I would do for these pieces, my oh my!

What do you think of Brasilia?


Modernsnap ! said...

aahhh. dreamy goodness!

midwest.modern said...

Big Big Fan of the Brasilia line! I stumbled upon your blog this morning a roundabout way. Glad I found it! Right up my alley.

We are sporting a complete Dining and Bedroom suite in the Brasilia line. We had the round pedestal table in the dining room but I could never warm to the fact that you cannot push the chairs all the way under the table! I traded it and some chair seats with the original upholstery for the long table with legs. Everybody seems Ga Ga over the pedestal table. I just couldn't live with it.

I've traveled (from St. Louis Mo.) as far as Chicago Il. to buy pieces to complete my sets and have had people as far away ad North Carolina come buy my extras! This is a truly distinctive design and apparently, highly sought after.


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