Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Finds. Bertoia Side Chairs and a Coffee Table.

Is it just me or are Mondays great days to find mid century pieces on Craigslist?  It could be a coincidence but some of the greatest pieces I own were spotted as new postings Monday morning - or late Sunday night.  I wonder if people clean out their storage, work on redecorating, etc. over the weekend and post fresh on Monday?   Whatever!  It works for me.

Looook what I got today!  I've been obsessed with Bertoia side chairs for a long time. In fact if you search old posts you'll see several mentions of them.   Yay, I have my own pair!  Where will they go?  Who knows, but I will make a space.   I'm dreaming of what cushions I could get.....or do I leave them stark and bare?  Hmmmmm?

I called about this little 2-tier coffee table this morning and left a message. Just so happens I got a call from the owner as I was pulling up to the Bertoia chair house.  I got the address to pick up the table right after and guess what, they lived less than 10 minutes from where I was. Very strange for Los Angeles!  So, now I'm the happy owner of this cute little table. It's plain but unique at the same time due to the ledge pieces on the sides and the thick slatted second shelf.  Needs a refurb but I'll get it to it later.  I might make it a bit darker to pop against my white shag in the front room.  I've wanted something new to replace my Lane coffee table that's there right now.  It's pretty cute and super atomic right? 

** update 3:30 pm. Ok, so this is not replacing my Lane coffee table in the front room. It doesn't look good. Guess this one's going up for sale after I put a little work into it. 

Eek, dusty I know!  I'll post refinish pictures after I get to it.  

How is your Monday going? 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Couch Dilemma. Solved for Now.

I have no patience. I am not the "wait until the perfect thing comes along" girl.  No, I obsess.  I  must have it now!  I happened across a gondola style sofa with attached table that I bought to re-sell but I fell in love.  I tried to make it work in my space, I really did.  But, I could not find other pieces to work well with it and honestly, I felt bad seeing my husband trying to lounge on a skinny, low profile sofa that is really more of a decor piece than lounging couch.  We really lounge on our sofas so while I tend to choose form over function, in this case the couches need to be practical and super comfortable.

Long story short, yesterday I ended up buying West Elm's Tillary sofa set from Craigslist.  We got a great price and they are pretty much what I wanted: low profile, minimal and modular.  To compliment them I'm going to find a danish lounge arm chair.  Now I'm obsessing about that!  Ugh, I just recently sold one that would have worked perfectly. Dang it!

Here was my original set up with brown modular couches. We liked them but the set was too chunky and it seemed to eat up our space:
There is another sofa on the other wall.  Cool set but too big.

Then it looked like this with the gondola sofa:
I liked this but couldn't find 2 other pieces that worked with it.

Now I have these pieces and we love them. These are stock pics from West Elm.  What's cool about this design is that the back supports are weighted cushions that can be moved around for different looks. We got the charcoal blue color.

I just need to finish the look off with a mid century/ danish lounge chair.

I really fell in love with these as I was looking at "new" mid century options but the prices held me back b/c I would need 2 plus a chair. 

Luna Sofa by True Modern $1500

Corona @ Macy's $899

Blu Dot's One Night Stand Sofa $1800

Blu Dot Paramount $1700
Urban Outfitters Armless Danish Sofa $479.
I like this look but all I hear about is how uncomfortable and cheap they are.

I'll continue to hunt for my perfect set but for now we're good with the Tillary. 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Estate Sales. So What Happened?

So after some deliberation I decided to go for sale #1 with the pair of end tables by Paul Laszlo for Brown Saltman, as discussed yesterday.   I was out of the house by 6:30 which is GREAT for me.  I made it to the sale around 6:45 and put my name on the list.  #9 - not bad.  I hung out for over an hour.

While waiting, the owner of the estate sale company came out and said "Are you the one who called me"?  Yes, I was.  I called last night to ask a couple questions about the sale and see if I could get any idea of the price on the PL tables.  I could not squeeze any info out of her.  Oh well, the call still served me some good though. I told her yes it was me.  She remembered I asked about the tables.

So, 8am, I get inside and run to the PL tables, as did everyone else!  Asking price?  $850.00!!!  Really?!  Retail price?  Pass!  On to the other things on my wish list.  In general the sale was so-so and very overpriced.  That mini green TV I wanted? $30!  It should have been $5 bucks.  I still filled 2 bags with smalls so all was not lost.

On my way out the estate co. owner stopped me and asked, "What will you pay for the tables"?  I told her the price was waaaaay off for me.  She persisted;  "Make me an offer".  Ok then, "$400".  She asked to take my number. I thought, no way will she call me.  But, about half hour later, guess who called?  Yep.  She offered them at $500.  I countered at $450 and she accepted.  I head back to make the big purchase!

Oooooh kaaay..... upon first look at the tables I had beer goggles on.  I was in love and did not examine them closely.  At $850 asking price, I had to just move on. But, now we're talking $450.  I looked closer.  BAH!!!  They were in need of some refinishing. One side had what looked like a huge burn mark and a some serious scratches and dings. The other was in better shape but would need some sanding too on the legs and top - and that means trying to match the stain - and what THAT means is refinishing the entire thing x 2.  No thanks. I tried to work her down in price even more considering the damage but she couldn't budge, per the owner.  I had to walk away.  The tables would have been a huge pain to refinish.

It's so weird to have had them in my grasp and then poof, I'm driving away.  Oh well!!  I will certainly come across other great pieces in my many, many more years of estate sale-ing.   It just did not feel right.  $450 was still very steep for them but I was willing to go for it - but not in that condition.

The day was not lost.  I hit sale #2 (from yesterday's post) next and got a bag full for $10. Now we're talking!  It turns out this might have been the sale to hit first.  It started at 7 am so by the time I got there I could tell it was picked over.  The house had a TON of stuff.  Then I was off to 2 thrift stores where I found a few more cool things.

Oh yeah, sale #2, the bedroom set asking price was $975!  Really?!  I see complete sets on Craigslist for $500 and below.  What is it with estate companies lately?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Which Estate Sale Do I Go To?

This is a tough decision.  There are many great estate sales this weekend but 2 in particular that I need to choose between to hit first, bright and early.

First sale: Starts at 8am Saturday.  Features 2 Paul Laszlo end tables I would kill for and a variety of smalls/decor and C.Jere sculptures.  There is also a huge Danish credenza/cabinet and Danish dining set that will bring the dealers out.  Hey, aren't I technically a dealer?  Um, I guess.  Scratch that, "that will bring the vintage shoppers out". My point being, I'm sure the line will begin at 6 am or earlier for those hard core shoppers.  I'm not included in that group.  I can't get out of bed when it's dark out, even for Paul Laszlo... well, wait a minute, maybe I can:

PL, I love you.  Look at those lines!!

Gorgeous. I would love to have this but no space in my home. ;(

Chotchkies galore. I love me some me some smalls!

I love old electronics too. I'm eyeing that green TV in the back and the radios. Hey check out that clip light on the end.  

These were just some of the interesting pics. There's a house full of stuff.

Second Sale: (Pales in comparison) Starts at 7am Saturday.  Features: Danish modern bedroom set by American of Martinsville, Lane tables, vintage china and glassware, a full garage of tools, etc.

Now, this one does not look as pleasing but that might be a good thing.  That could equal less people and treasures buried deep in the messes.  Check out some of the messy pics.   

There are 4 pieces to this set. 

I can see myself digging through piles. I love that!

Who knows what could be hiding in the garage. I love industrial modern things.

So you see, I'm a bit torn. Go to the prize sale #1 and somehow get myself there VERY early or go to the second sale, not as good looking, but I'd still need to be there early, and hope for a smaller crowd and some unique finds.  

I think I'm leaning toward sale #1.  Go for the gold, right?  The second sale may or may not be good and the bedroom set is just okay anyway.  Where the heck would I store it? The PL tables at the first sale are spectacular. Why not at least TRY for them right?  Ok, I think it's sale #1.  Wish me luck getting out of bed early. 

Have great weekend!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vintage Modern Spaces.

While my taste in home decor and interior design is predominantly mid century modern, I appreciate many other design styles.  I especially love when one mixes completely different eras to create a unique, modern look and feeling.   Here are some great examples from Etsy Storque's "Get the Look" series:

Tones of Sepia, Dallas TX. 

Creative Corners: Netherlands 

Coloring Outside the Lines: Portland OR. 

Modern Practicality, Ontario Canada

Renovating Modern: Mountain View, CA. 

Curb Alert: Madison, WI. 

Personified Modern: Ohio

Romantic Curiosities: Ghent, Belgium

Retro Renovation: Nashville, TN.

Colorful Cooperation: St. Paul, MN.

Feeling inspired? I am! I look at these images and feel like I can do "more" with my space. I tend to keep things simple and minimal but every time I see creative design like these I feel like I have some  holes to fill.  I also fear color.  I admire people that use bold color. It always looks great if you go for it.

What do you think of these spaces? 

Want more?  See this post I did last summer: Mixing Mid Century with Traditional


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