Monday, February 7, 2011

Mid Century Paintings and Wall Art.

This weekend was so busy that I did not have the time, um actually the energy, to post.  Friday was a really busy day then it was up bright and early Saturday morning to hit the sales.  It was a good day for shopping!   Sunday was all about errands, cleaning, shooting pictures, etc.

Saturday: The first sale we (my Mom and I) hit was a jack pot!  Not only was it close to my house but it was pure mid century and everything was el-cheapo! The woman and her 2 sons running the sale were so nice and fun.  I just love that!  My mom and I bought so much we filled up the back of my Ford Explorer.  We had to go back home and unload before we could hit more sales.  We made it back home around 2 pm, just beat.  That's 6 hours of estate sail-ing!

One of my favorite purchases from Saturday (the first sale) is this pretty mid century oil painting of a woman in a flower field. Though I tend to favor cityscapes and abstracts I just  love the bright yellow color and the mysterious woman.  If I had a place for it in my home I would keep it.  It's signed B. Alba, or at least that is what it looks like.  I have not been able to find any information on this person.

Here is the painting. It's huge at just over 3' x 3'.  This post inspired me to share the artwork in my home and find a few favorites on Etsy too:

and others living in my home currently...some of these you've seen in previous posts...

Huge oleograph by Edgar A. Stareck.  For sale!

Original oil by Ozz Franca. 

Adorable retro yarn picture.

Marina/cove print. I cannot make out the signature.  Dated '60.

Huge mixed media abstract in my dining area.

My beloved big-eyed dog and cat oleographs by Gia. Sorry for the crappy picture. The little doggy is not washed out - it's a weird light reflection. 

Original oil city scape. I cannot make out the signature.

Chip art picture.  I  found this one a couple of weeks ago.

Gigantic metal flying bird wall sculpture. One of my favorite thrift store finds!  I don't believe it's actually mid century but it's my version of Jere flying birds until I can acquire the real-deal.

Syroco wall plaques. My aunt sent these to me from Utah. Thanks Charlotte!  

My big-eyed Keane girls.  I have yet to find space for these!

and my favorites from Etsy:

What are your favorites? 


Modernsnap ! said...

I swear that we are cross country soul sisters. I love all of your pieces and your 'dream' pieces too! I bought yet another lamp, will post photo shortly. ugh.

Rhan Vintage said...

Yes maam, I think we are! I can't wait to see your new lamp! Another one of my addictions - lamps! Picked up a matching set today. Geez I'm outta control!

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

I love the Ozz Franca and the oil cityscape best. I also like the two from Back Garage. I'm partial to abstracts, but I like mid-century cityscapes too. That's what I have on my walls, along with black and white photographs by my daughter. Great post. I always love looking at art.


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