Monday, February 21, 2011

Mid Century Craigslist.

I've been looking for a mid century sofa set so I've been cruising Craigslist Los Angeles more than usual, which equates to A LOT because I already browse it multiple times in a day.

This morning there are some great mid century pieces!  Wish I could scoop them all up:

Atomic Display Case with Tulip Base $100

Mahogany Bar $170

Mahogany Stereo Cabinet $200 

Mid Century Sofa Set $425 - I'm hoping to see this set today!

Dogbone Couch and Sofa $475 (sofa).  I want to check this set out too.

Moller/Wegner Dining Set $2400

Kent Coffey Complete Bedroom Set $1000

Kipp Stewart Dresser $1000

Mid Century 50's Pink Bedroom Set $250 for all pieces

Bookshelf / Bar $75

Happy Monday!


stacey said...

*fans self*

that pink bedroom set would of been perfect for my daughter, so i won't show her because it will make her hate her blonde set.

good luck with the new couches!

Mr. Modtomic said...

While the Tulip Base Display "looks" cool, I'd hesitate to actually use it as it looks like it'd topple over at the drop of a dime! Maybe the base is heavily weighted.

The Bar is kinda bland but very useful and reasonably priced.

The Stereo is Amazing (!) but Huge! Also very reasonably priced. That would be great to put a TV on top of.

Both Sofa sets look great and are priced right...even for St. Louis! I'd have offered an Extra $50 to hold either set.

The Wegner and Coffey sets are way out of my reach, both Geographically and Financially!

Not feeling the pink bedroom set. A Guy has to draw the (pink) line somewhere!

The last little bookshelf is OK but I'd expect to find one like it at a thrift store before throwing $75 around.

Great finds all around though! Thanks for sharing.

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

I really love the drop-front bar...but then I'm a sucker for anything drop-front. The dogbone sofa is great, as are the Kipp Stewart and Kent Coffey items. And naturally I had to swoon just a tad over the Wegner table and chairs.


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