Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Finds. Bertoia Side Chairs and a Coffee Table.

Is it just me or are Mondays great days to find mid century pieces on Craigslist?  It could be a coincidence but some of the greatest pieces I own were spotted as new postings Monday morning - or late Sunday night.  I wonder if people clean out their storage, work on redecorating, etc. over the weekend and post fresh on Monday?   Whatever!  It works for me.

Looook what I got today!  I've been obsessed with Bertoia side chairs for a long time. In fact if you search old posts you'll see several mentions of them.   Yay, I have my own pair!  Where will they go?  Who knows, but I will make a space.   I'm dreaming of what cushions I could get.....or do I leave them stark and bare?  Hmmmmm?

I called about this little 2-tier coffee table this morning and left a message. Just so happens I got a call from the owner as I was pulling up to the Bertoia chair house.  I got the address to pick up the table right after and guess what, they lived less than 10 minutes from where I was. Very strange for Los Angeles!  So, now I'm the happy owner of this cute little table. It's plain but unique at the same time due to the ledge pieces on the sides and the thick slatted second shelf.  Needs a refurb but I'll get it to it later.  I might make it a bit darker to pop against my white shag in the front room.  I've wanted something new to replace my Lane coffee table that's there right now.  It's pretty cute and super atomic right? 

** update 3:30 pm. Ok, so this is not replacing my Lane coffee table in the front room. It doesn't look good. Guess this one's going up for sale after I put a little work into it. 

Eek, dusty I know!  I'll post refinish pictures after I get to it.  

How is your Monday going? 


Modernsnap ! said...

You lucky duck! South Dakotan's don't own such hip furniture, they like lazy boys and golden oak non-descript wood items. I'm so excited for you! Why oh why do I love items that don't exist here!!!??? :)

monogirl said...

That table is really interesting. I'm so intrigued by the rails on the ends.

Dana@Mid2Mod said...'ve really been on a roll lately. You just keep on finding great things. Way to go!


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