Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wall Unit Refinished and In It's Place - My Home.

To no ones surprise I'm sure, the wall unit has found it's new home in my dining area.  How could it not? It's such a beautiful and rare piece.   I had a Kroehler china cabinet there before, which I loved, but this new piece blew it out of the water.  It's so sleek and I love the airy-ness (did I just make up that word?)

My husband gets all the credit for this.  He refinished it and I "supervised". I did some of the staining just so I could have a part in it, but really it's all him.  Good job honey!

Check out the before......

There was a tag inside one of the drawers at some point. Here is what's left.  Anyone have any idea??
Looks like an idea!

and here is what I had in this space before. Now for sale:

Do you like the new wall unit better than the china cabinet? 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Danish Modern Rocking Chair....Again......

Remember this post about a Danish Modern rocking chair I was drooling over at $100 on Craigslist?  I tried to get it back then but so many people made offers over the asking price that the seller "decided to keep it."  Well, it's back on Craigslist for $250.   It's a good deal still at $250, though I can't splurge on it right now.   Oh, I'd looooove to have it but I have to pass.  (Big sigh). I hope it goes fast so I don't have to keep seeing it while I search Craigslist. 

Besides, I was a little turned off to rockers for my baby's nursery when other Mommies (and my Mom) said "Oh no, do not get them used to rocking or they will want it all the time and won't sleep without it".  Scared me off!

Ahhh isn't it gorgeous??

Any takers?  For sale in Sherman Oaks, CA. for $250.  See the listing here

Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm on the Hunt for Some Personal Pieces.

I'm currently on the hunt for these pieces for my own home: C. Jere flower/starburst sculpture, Nelson bubble lamp and a TV / media credenza.  These are not easy to find anyway, but especially hard to find at "my style prices" (def. cheap)

I missed out on a Room & Board Nelson style Cigar lamp on Craigslist this weekend because the seller obviously did not care about a first come first serve policy.   Hey, what can you do?   She was selling a brand new large Cigar Lamp for $75 OBO. They go for $379 at Room & Board.  So yeah, it stung a bit to lose out but that's how it goes.  That's okay though - I really prefer the round ball or saucer style to the cigar. Hey, I would have taken it for $75 though!

I came across the starburst / flower C. Jere sculpture on Craigslist today but I can't put out $450 for home decor at this point....nor do I really want to.  Anyone ever come across one at an estate sale or garage sale?  Not me. ;(

Lastly, I really want a new credenza in the living room for our DVD player, hubby's PS3 and the receiver.  Something kind of like this style:

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mid Century Modern Recliner.

My new love!  I found this up north last week.  What a beauty!

The owner lived in a 60s modern home that she purchased from the original owner....who so kindly left it full of all her mid century modern furniture when she sold.  Can you imagine?!    This was one of those pieces and wow, you should have seen the other furniture....which I could not talk her into selling ;)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Recent Finds. Danish Modern Rope Chairs, Lucite Table and More...

Here are some of the pieces I recently scored.  They'll be for sale in my shop soon! 

Danish Modern Rope Rocking Chair

Rope Lounge and Ottoman

60's Mod Lucite Table

Mid Century Modern Coffee Table

I also picked up a mid mod side chair and a foot stool.   

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Made in Denmark. Mid Century Lounge Chair.

I've been absent lately.  I'm so busy with work and baby stuff. I'll try to be better!

Quick post: I wanted to share one of our recent finds. We had a great month of finding furniture in the most random places.  Now our garage is stacked to the ceiling and to the door - literally. I should post a picture.....

We happened across this chair at a small sale.  It is stamped Made in Denmark. It was originally black but the stain/paint had faded and was scuffed. My dear husband sanded the whole chair and repainted it to perfection.  The straps are original.  It just needs new cushions (and a new home).


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