Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Finds This Week.

This just in...

Danish Modern bar stool.  Marked Made in Denmark. 
I just posted a set of 3 of these exact barstools on my blog.  Then I went and found one myself.  Unfortunately I only found ONE and what am I going to do with one barstool?  It doesn't look great at my breakfast bar anyway so it's going in my shop. 

Cool side table or nightstand.  It has a solid milk glass style top but it's cracked. I think I'll replace the top with glass, find new hardware, refinish the wood and put it in my shop.

Mid Century Modern 2 seater couch.  One side is armless making it perfect to place a little side table. I'll refinish this and post it soon.  Check out that funky shagalicious green upholstery.

Mid Century metal mirror and matching shelf. This has a cool gothic, medieval feel. 

C. Jere era metal boats wall art 

Wall frame with shelves

Wall clock 

Table clock

More coming soon!  I'm hitting more sales this weekend. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Mid Century Love @ Ebay.

Cruising Ebay for Mid Century / Danish Modern pieces is one of my favorite pastimes.   Most of the time its just-for-fun browsing, as half of the things I fall in love with I either don't need, can't afford or have no space for, etc.  Once in awhile I find something that actually fits all of these things and I'll bid.  It's rare though!

Here are my faves from an early Sunday morning search...

Poul Jensen for Selig.  Danish Modern side table with cane shelf.  SOLD $177.50
I actually did want this side table and bid on it but did not win.  ;(

Beautiful but $7000?  Ouch!

How cool is this?  I love just about anything on a tulip base.   I would use this as a planter.  

I really want some new barstools but can't splurge like this. I'll hold out for a great estate find. That will take awhile, I know....but I've been pretty lucky with my "wish list" so far.

I'm a sucker for lamps and especially anything with this tulip/UFO shape.  Love these but don't need them OR have space for them. 

1950's Tripod Floor Lamp SOLD $209 EU / $325 USD
LOVE this lamp!  This, I would make room for.  

I clicked on this thinking it was a vase....again, me and the tulip shape.  But it's actually a large stool.  Cool!

I also adore space age mod, Panton era designs. 

I actually do need, er, want,  a new planter for my living room. I came across this and thought it was unusual. 

Another unusual planter/table.  Not my style but I thought it was fun and unique. 

That's it for now. Happy Monday!

Update on the Saturday estate sale I was so excited about... it was waaaay overpriced!  like retail + over priced.   I managed to still find a few affordable smalls and some fun things so it was not a total loss.   The lamps I wanted were $200 for the pair. ;(

Friday, June 22, 2012

It's been quite a hectic week.  TGIF for sure.  I need a tall glass of wine and some vintage pickin' therapy.

Lucky for me, there is a huge mid century-vintage sale this weekend in my neck of the woods.  I plan to be there early with my pickin' partner, AKA Mom.  

With my little eye I spy..... lots of hanging lamps, retro clocks, art, owls, weird and funky stuff, pottery, smalls smalls and more who knows what's hiding in the garage and back yard. Should be fun......unless I get up while it is still dark out, only to be like, 40 on the list and not make it in the first round.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New This Week: Copenhagen, Industrial, Regency.

Some recent finds, all available in my shop this week.....

This is my favorite Lane design. It's a somewhat rare design because it was not mass produced like the others. The Copenhagen collection has such a beautiful floating quality about it and I love the tall brass feet with cut out edge.  

I love industrial modern design but can't work it into my house which is predominantly danish modern.  So, I just admire it from afar.  This lamp is near mint. It will look so cool in the right space.

And I have its clip-on version...

These would be so sweet in a Regency setting.  The pair could nicely finish a bed or a fabulous couch. 

Store anything in this wise guy from cookies, to buttons, flowers and more.  Missing a top but still so cute. 

10 draper antique letterpress cabinet. Perfect for a jewelry maker to store the findings.  Cool industrial, steampunk vibe.  

Monday, June 18, 2012

Mid Mod Bird House and Handmade Pottery.

A recent trip to my picker friend Darren's home revealed his new talent: creating modern pottery.  Apparently in his "spare time" he'd taken up spinning a pottery wheel.  Really?  And I thought I crammed a lot into 24 hours.

Turns out he's quite good at it.  So good I recommended he open an Etsy shop and he did: Mock Pottery.

Take a look at some of his beautiful modern creations:  

AP-influenced stacked cone planters. 

I just call this "Fingers".
Amazing. I want this! 

Minimalist bird house.  
This is mine, hanging on my front porch.  Lucky birds!

Mini AP style double cone vases.  Fabulous! 

A collection of his personal pieces.  

I love a simple pedestal vase.  And how beautiful is the candle holder?  
See them lit up in his shop

Exploring designs...

Fresh from the kiln...

Find Darren's pottery at Mock Pottery


Monday, June 11, 2012

Recent Finds. Yep, I'm Still Pickin' with Baby in a Sling!

I've been dreadfully absent from my blog lately.  But, with good reason.  Turns out, working a day job, running a side vintage business, keeping my house up and raising my 4.5 month old son is A LOT.   Silly me, thought I could still do it all like before baby!  Yeah, right.

With that said, I'm still managing, it just takes a little longer to get things done..

Check out some of my new finds:

Mid Century bookcase with optional plexiglass doors. I like it without. Check out those gold banded pencil legs!  

1950's armless lounge chair.  This is a metal frame with a simulated wood texture.  So cool and minimal huh? 

Shamrock Neatway brand plastic arm chairs.  So cute!

Awesome Danish Modern teak bar table with pop up extension.  This was used on the set of the CBS show Swingtown.  Too bad I don't have space in my house to keep this beauty. I've never seen anything like it. 

Mid Century Italian men's valet chair.  The woven rope seat pops up and there is a rubber bar to place your shoe on to polish or tie a lace. Cool! 

Beautiful 1950's vinyl upholstered arm chair. This is the original cherry blossom upholstery and its in amazing condition.  How precious is this? 

The coolest retro mod yarn art I've seen.  I bought this from my picker friend Darren.  I'd love to keep this for my future little girl's room but I need to stop hoarding. 

Art Deco Mystery Clock by Haddon.  It works perfectly and lights up.  

Keep checking out my blog. I promise to write more often! 


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