Monday, June 11, 2012

Recent Finds. Yep, I'm Still Pickin' with Baby in a Sling!

I've been dreadfully absent from my blog lately.  But, with good reason.  Turns out, working a day job, running a side vintage business, keeping my house up and raising my 4.5 month old son is A LOT.   Silly me, thought I could still do it all like before baby!  Yeah, right.

With that said, I'm still managing, it just takes a little longer to get things done..

Check out some of my new finds:

Mid Century bookcase with optional plexiglass doors. I like it without. Check out those gold banded pencil legs!  

1950's armless lounge chair.  This is a metal frame with a simulated wood texture.  So cool and minimal huh? 

Shamrock Neatway brand plastic arm chairs.  So cute!

Awesome Danish Modern teak bar table with pop up extension.  This was used on the set of the CBS show Swingtown.  Too bad I don't have space in my house to keep this beauty. I've never seen anything like it. 

Mid Century Italian men's valet chair.  The woven rope seat pops up and there is a rubber bar to place your shoe on to polish or tie a lace. Cool! 

Beautiful 1950's vinyl upholstered arm chair. This is the original cherry blossom upholstery and its in amazing condition.  How precious is this? 

The coolest retro mod yarn art I've seen.  I bought this from my picker friend Darren.  I'd love to keep this for my future little girl's room but I need to stop hoarding. 

Art Deco Mystery Clock by Haddon.  It works perfectly and lights up.  

Keep checking out my blog. I promise to write more often! 


Vintage Hunter said...

So many great finds! The bar cart and armless lounge chair are my favorites.

A Modern Line said...

Those are all great finds! You have been busy! Not too shabby with a baby in tow...

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

All comfortable with the sling and getting your pickin' groove back, huh? These are some great finds. I'm in love with the bar cart!

Eva said...

So looking forward to shopping estate sales to find some great items to decorate our new home!

Sudha said...

oh my! u are doing an awesome job with the vintage treasures having your hands full!


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