Friday, June 22, 2012

It's been quite a hectic week.  TGIF for sure.  I need a tall glass of wine and some vintage pickin' therapy.

Lucky for me, there is a huge mid century-vintage sale this weekend in my neck of the woods.  I plan to be there early with my pickin' partner, AKA Mom.  

With my little eye I spy..... lots of hanging lamps, retro clocks, art, owls, weird and funky stuff, pottery, smalls smalls and more who knows what's hiding in the garage and back yard. Should be fun......unless I get up while it is still dark out, only to be like, 40 on the list and not make it in the first round.


Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Have fun with your mom. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. We scored a Noguchi Cyclone dining table today at a price you wouldn't believe. I hope you're lucky like that tomorrow!

Rhan Vintage said...

Hi Dana! Thanks. Congrats on a cool score. ;'D


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