Sunday, March 31, 2013

Swiss Made Secticon Space Age Clock.

I found this cool clock in a storage shed (that had been sitting untouched for decades), early last year.  The deceased owner's daughter invited me to pick the house and storage ALONE!  I remember it clearly because it was one of my first picks since having my son and I had him in tow, in a sling on my chest.  I was also very sick with a cold but how could I pass up a dream pick like this?  

Unfortunately I couldn't venture into the storage space too far for fear of spiders, unhealthy dust/dirt and rats.  I was wearing flip-flops too. How amateur of me, I know.  Without dear son, I would have jumped in head first, regardless of exposed feet.  I did however find some cool things just in the first few steps so it wasn't a total loss in the shed.

Turns out these clocks are pretty valuable.  There is currently one on Ebay for $495!  Now, that is probably pie in the sky, but some have sold (not working) for well over $100. Not bad considering I paid a couple bucks for it.

I was going to put it in my shop, but I think I'll let this guy live on a bookshelf in my house for awhile.

I was immediately drawn to the cool space age mod shape of it.

Other colors and styles:

I die!  Check out this awesome collection of clocks.  I would love to own this many beauties!

Friday, March 29, 2013

JC Penney Gets Mid Century Modern with Jonathan Adler.

Check out JC Penney going Mid Mod!  It truly is everywhere these days, huh?

I have noticed their image skewing much more modern and youthful over the past years, but bringing in home decor from Jonathan Adler brings them to a whole new level!  Go Penney's!

Browse these fun pieces:  

I have to say, I still prefer the real deal though.  If you notice, I see a lot of MDF noted in the construction of these items. thanks.  I prefer my teak and walnut.  

Have a great weekend and Happy Easter! 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Winnetou. Ges.Gesch. West Germany. What Am I?

I picked up this cute Native American mid century plastic.....thingee at a flea market and I'm dying to know what it is. It's made in West Germany by Ges. Gesch.  It has a cut out on the head that fits on a door knob, but it can't hang when the door is closed, and what purpose would it serve anyway?  

Does anyone know what this is?

Monday, March 18, 2013

Mid Century Dinnerware.

I'm on the hunt for a new set of dinnerware.  I still love my Salem North Star set and my retro Mikasa Duplex Dahlia by Ben Seibel...but I like to switch things up and I need a larger set for entertaining.

I'm leaning toward Temporama, but I'd love to hear what your favorite patterns are. 

Temporama by Canonsburg
courtesy A Living Space

I absolutely love this pattern and its easy to find, so this just might be my pick.

Contempo by Nola Ware
courtesy Wool Trousers

This is a fun design and I love the color combination, but it seems to be hard-to-find.  Pass! 

Pasadena by Mikasa
Great retro modern pattern and again, I love the color combination here but it seems harder to find. Pass! 

Franciscan Starburst
courtesy Modatomic
Of course you can't mention mid century dinnerware and not bring up Franciscan's starburst. It's readily available so it's always an option, and I do love a good starburst. Maybe.....

Nordic by Syracuse
Very cute and modern.  A quick search didn't yield a lot of results though.  Maybe.....

Mobile by Knowles
courtesy Ebay
Fun atomic design but hard to find it seems.  Pass!

Del Mar by Franciscan
courtesy Ebay 
Very cute but I need another color mixed in there. Pass!

Carousel by Salem
Cool but not my thing.  Pass!

Blue Heaven by Royal China
courtesy Two Little Owls
I like it but it's too much blue.  Pass!

So I've got Temporama, Starburst or Nordic. I'd like another option, that doesn't look like everything else. Looking forward to your suggestions!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mid Century Modern Lighters. Electo Match.

I've said it before, and here I am saying it again, the design of the mid century will never cease to amaze me.  Most particularly, how even small things were designed with punch and still stand the design test of time.

Case in point, Electro Match Table Lighters.  I found one at a junker's home in Las Vegas on our latest trip.  I was instantly drawn to the space age-y, sputnik-y look that I so love from the mid century.

The design is simple, an apple shaped body on a star base.  But how advanced and modern does it look?  It takes 3 C batteries to create a spark when the "stem" is pulled out. That, coupled with the lighter fluid inside, creates a flame tip, which would light your cigarette.    Super cool, right?

So far I've found green (like mine), dark green, white, black, red, yellow and clear.

This is mine.....

and more I found online.....

Monday, March 11, 2013

Sunday, March 10, 2013

How I love the details. Mid Century Modern Doorbells.

I came across this amazing new old-stock starburst doorbell on Ebay and it got me thinking about the little details that make a home period perfect.  If / when I ever get my 60's modern home, I will make it a mission to get every detail right, down to the doorbell!  It would have to be a starburst.


and more.....


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