Monday, March 18, 2013

Mid Century Dinnerware.

I'm on the hunt for a new set of dinnerware.  I still love my Salem North Star set and my retro Mikasa Duplex Dahlia by Ben Seibel...but I like to switch things up and I need a larger set for entertaining.

I'm leaning toward Temporama, but I'd love to hear what your favorite patterns are. 

Temporama by Canonsburg
courtesy A Living Space

I absolutely love this pattern and its easy to find, so this just might be my pick.

Contempo by Nola Ware
courtesy Wool Trousers

This is a fun design and I love the color combination, but it seems to be hard-to-find.  Pass! 

Pasadena by Mikasa
Great retro modern pattern and again, I love the color combination here but it seems harder to find. Pass! 

Franciscan Starburst
courtesy Modatomic
Of course you can't mention mid century dinnerware and not bring up Franciscan's starburst. It's readily available so it's always an option, and I do love a good starburst. Maybe.....

Nordic by Syracuse
Very cute and modern.  A quick search didn't yield a lot of results though.  Maybe.....

Mobile by Knowles
courtesy Ebay
Fun atomic design but hard to find it seems.  Pass!

Del Mar by Franciscan
courtesy Ebay 
Very cute but I need another color mixed in there. Pass!

Carousel by Salem
Cool but not my thing.  Pass!

Blue Heaven by Royal China
courtesy Two Little Owls
I like it but it's too much blue.  Pass!

So I've got Temporama, Starburst or Nordic. I'd like another option, that doesn't look like everything else. Looking forward to your suggestions!


Marium said...

I adore Temporama! About 2 years ago I scored 10 Temporama dinner plates for $1 and that is how my vintage addiction began!

Jil Casey said...

Ooh, I like the Pasadena pattern by Mikasa. But you're right, if it's harder to find that makes it more difficult AND more expensive. I have a set of Centura White Coupe made by Corning Ware, think it's from the 60's. I put my set together piecemeal thrifting and it took a good while. I didn't have enough of the dinner plates and was about to order some off ebay when I hit the mother lode at a thrift store. I've been able to find serving bowls, casserole dishes etc. that go with it. I like this pattern because it's clean and modern looking and there are a variety of different pieces that are in the set.

Wendy said...

I scored a nearly complete set of Iroquois Impromptu in the pattern ”Pins and Beads” on craigslist and couldn't be more in love with it. There are a lot of awesome patterns in that line. Plus they are resistant to breakage and can be run thru the dishwasher without worrying about damaging the decoration.

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

I like Temporama too. We sold a set a while back. I also love Metlox, especially the California Contempora, Mobile and Aztec patterns.

nickarmadillo said...

Another vote for Temporama. I collect the similar Jamaica Bay line by Taylor Smith Taylor and find it all the time in the local thrifts. If you are looking for something easy to get into, might want to check it out.

A Modern Line said...

Unsure if you may have an interest, but I have a really large collection of Redwing "Bob White series here at the store that I could make you a very nice deal on. Set of 8 plus and lots of serving pieces.

Rhan Vintage said...

Thank you for the comments everyone! I think I'm going Temporama. ;D

Tonya said...

Have you seen, or considered Swiss Chalet by Marcrest, similar colours but as I'm in England I have no idea how easy they are too get hold of. Love the pattern though.

Mr. Modtomic said...

Keep in mind that when entertaining, your guests aren't going to be able to easily appreciate the pattern on a set like Temporama. My suggestions would be to go with something like Russel Wright Iroquois. Lots of colors to mix up, super tough and it's easy to replace. When food is on a RRI plate your guests will still be able to appreciate your great taste and color choices.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I recently found 4 tea cups in the Temporama pattern and fell in love with them.
I have been looking all over for the pattern for more items but there were no markings on the cups so it was almost impossible. Imagine looking on your site and finding them! Now I know what to look for!
Again, thank you!

uttal vintage modern jewelry said...

Hi All, can you tell me if any of these patterns are dishwasher or microwave safe? I inherited a beautiful vintage mid-mod set of china from my mom (Francsican Silver Pine) which definitely can't be out in either so I am looking for an everyday set that is more versatile. Currently use modern Fiesta but want a change. Thanks in advance for any insight! Cebette

Anonymous said...

All of these could be used with at least one other, thats a colorful way to pick your accent. So nice to see some of my favorites and a couple new examples all together here. I'll be back!


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