Monday, March 29, 2010

Frederick Buehner Wanner in the Mid Century

I came across this beautiful brass pot in a pile of junk last week during one of my vintage hunting trips. I instantly knew it was mid century and something special. I was anxious to get it home, clean it up and learn more about it's history.

Sure enough, this beauty was designed by a German designer named Frederick Buehner Wanner who emigrated to the US in 1929. His accessories and housewares made of hammered aluminum were popular from the 30's to the 50's. In 1969 his company, Buehner-Wanner Company, was sold to Phaltzgraff. This brass and teak style emerged in the 60's.

This piece I found was one of his last works from the mid century era. It's in great vintage condition and oh so beautiful! Features a long teak pot handle and teak lid knob. The pan top is emblazoned with a classic mid century design in enamel.

I have come across very few of these pieces online and I've read that they are a rare find. Find it here in my shop!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Vintage as Still Life

Today I came across a new Etsy shop called Modern Snap. What a great name! Alison's photography captures vintage items in a very clean and minimal way, yet with a mysterious and haunting quality. As a lover of photography and all things vintage this art is right up my alley.

This art would look gorgeous in any setting. I've got my eye on a few...

Here are some of my favorites from her current collection on Etsy:

Check out Modern Snap's Blog too:

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Vintage Mailboxes

I'm suddenly on a vintage mail box kick. It's my new obsession. Now I must find the perfect one for my home!
I came across this classic, blue vintage mail box over the weekend at an estate sale. It's not the style for outside my house so I put it in my shop, but it got me thinking; what other amazing vintage and mid century style mail boxes are out there?

While it's perfectly functional as a mail box it would also be cool art for inside the home. Use it in your office to store magazines or mail. I've seen these repurposed as planters and waste baskets. With it's striking blue color and red flag I could see this box as decor in a minimalist loft. So many uses!

Here are some other mail boxes I love that I've just come across this morning:

Atomic Ranch Style Vintage Mail Box by MsAtomic $18.99

Mid Century Modern Copper Mailbox by Vintage Modern Design $55

Umbra POSTINO Stainless Steel Retro Modern Mailbox $90

Mid Century Modern Mailbox on Ebay $375

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mod 1960's Space Age Egg Lamp

I found this fabulous 1960's EGG "Space Age" mid century modern lamp with tulip base at one of this past weekend's estate sales. I've coveted these for a long time and there it was sitting on the table waiting for me.

I was so very excited to have found my very own egg lamp. Then....I get it home and it doesn't work in my space. How is that possible? I don't know but it just doesn't work with my other mid century pieces. Sooo, though I hate to see it go this fabulous piece of mid century art go, it's going on my etsy shop today.

Made of hard, durable plastic. The base is a lovely 60's Saarinen style tulip shape. The egg shade is open at the top-back but also pulls off the base for easy bulb changing. So cute. I know it will look great in someone's mid century modern or danish modern home.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Friday - New Inventory - Smalls & Decor

Another fun and fruitful morning of estate sailing. Today I came home home with a lot of smalls and decor items. Here's a peek at some of what's coming soon to my shop.

vintage shadow box - mid century modern cook ware / fondue pots - 2 vintage vanity mirror trays - milk glass - vintage shoe forms - white owl mini lamp - danish wood serving tray - 3 train cases - mid century creamer and sugar - his and hers retro bar set - amber glass - mid century shot glasses - danish salt and pepper - vintage martini glasses - Georges Briard retro coaster set - and lots more! plus things from weeks ago that have not yet been posted!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Light Up My Vintage World

My shop is gaining quite a collection of lights. I even have more that have yet to be listed!
What I love about lighting is it can transform the way a room feels and looks. Your lamp choice is a big one:
Is it super simple and unobtrusive? Is it large and fabulous, the center of the room? Does it project soft light or light up the space well?
Me, I love several lights in a room (providing it's large enough to accommodate several - I have 3 in my living room den), that project soft light in different areas. For me it's important to have some light in all corners. I wish I had more spaces to fill in my home so I could build on my collection of vintage and mid century lamps but I'll just have to do with what I have. I'm all lit up!

Here are just a few from my shop and some etsy favorites below.....

My shop's Vintage Mid Century Fiberglass Table Lamp $40

My shop's Vintage Mid Century Ceramic Table Lamp $38

My shop's Vintage Mid Century Orange Tall Ceramic Lamp $85

And A Couple of My Favorites from other ETSY Sellers -

White Ceramic Onion Table Lamp $175 by LiseVintageLighting

Vintage Mid Century Modern Tall Organic Lamp Base $60 by Junk Culture

Quite Possibly My Favorite! Mid Century Modern Laurel Mushroom Lamp $299 by BeggarsandChoosers

What are your favorites?

Friday, March 12, 2010

My First Etsy Front Page!

Yay! My first ever front page feature on Etsy: (mine is the round wood nut dish)

A huge thanks to Rainy Penguin Vintage who selected my Mid Century Myrtlewood Nut Dish to feature in her beautiful Treasury.

The treasury posted yesterday on Etsy's home page and my item sold right away! Check out my shop for other mid century decor items!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mid Century and Vintage Inspired Design in Las Vegas

The new City Center in Las Vegas is a minimalist, modern design lovers eye candy dream. City Center is a shopping mecca and collection of 5 new hotels. Outside the architecture is powerful, structured and angular. Inside the shopping center, it's minimalist space age, the Jetsons-modern, bright white and peppered with vintage, retro-modern design aspects. Love it!!

I love to see vintage inspired design in a modern setting. Here are some images I shot -

Bar area

Amazing angles and lighting

1960's inspired hive design eye glasses display, Roberto Cavalli

Mid Century inspired bubble wall tiles in a clothing store

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Vintage Clocks

rhan @ etsy

I consider fabulous clocks to be like art. I don't even care if they work, just as long as I find them beautiful or interesting. My love, of course, is vintage and mid century style clocks.

I've loaded up on many clocks in my store including wall clocks and alarms. Those are mine pictured above. In listing them I found myself searching other clocks on Etsy, something I always do, browse other vintage Etsy sellers to see what fabulous things they have. Here are some of my favorites:


Vintage Russian mechanical alarm clock Jantar from Soviet Union by SovietVintage

Vintage Metal Square Alarm Clock by Birdie1

Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Hubby - La Boheme Los Angeles

My lovely husband turns 36 today. To celebrate we are having a romantic dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Los Angeles, La Boheme. It's easily one of the most beautiful restaurants in the city and that I have ever been to in any city. It's rumored to be an old church that was converted long ago. That I'm not sure of but it definitely could be true based on it's architecture.

The food is divine. The setting is jaw dropping. The mood is relaxed and romantic. The design, simply gorgeous. If you are ever in Los Angeles it's a must.

What will we eat? My carnivore husband will indulge in 14 oz. New York Strip with herbed shoestring fries, arugula salad. Me, Seared Scallops with edamame, pea tendrils, yuzu orange beurre blanc or Miso Glazed Salmon with hon shimeji rice, spinach sauce. Dessert, it's always the same, Darcy’s Warm Valrhona Chocolate Cake, valrhona chocolate sauce, espresso ice cream. My mouth is watering!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring is coming!

Finally, signs of Spring are showing! I'm so ready for the winter to pass and the warmth to flood southern California. Enough of the rain - even though I know we needed it badly.

Signs of Spring? I have Calla Lilies blooming in my front yard! We bought this home in the summer and they were not bloomed when we moved in so what a surprise to see my all time favorite flower blooming at our new home. Simply gorgeous.

More photos that get me excited for Spring...courtesy of Flickr

Ah Spring! by Laurie York (one of my favorites on Flickr!)

Spring Affaire by Tanya Mass

Spring Blossoms by Toshio


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