Monday, September 24, 2012

Narvik Armchair by Fler

I originally posted this chair as a "Can you help me identify it"? But, a little digging and I found it myself.  I felt it was sort of a Wegner look, but there was something unique to it that I had never really seen before.

It's a Narvik chair for Fler, designed by Fred Lowen.  Circa 1960.  Scandinavian design, made in Australia.  Apparently it's a highly coveted design because of the wide armrests and sculptured "horns" on the back.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

1950's Gillette Razor. Even This Looks Cool!

Have you ever been to an estate sale where it seems that you've stepped back in time to the 1950's?  I mean, literally it seems as though you've taken a time machine back to the atomic age because EVERYTHING in the home is from the mid century.

It's very odd, right? It's as though the homeowner(s) never purchased anything new.  How does this happen?!

I recently shopped a sale like this.  Everything, and I mean everything, was original from the mid century.  Case in point, check out this Gillette razor I found in the bathroom (among unused 1950's cosmetics, etc.)!  And you should have seen the incredible boomerang yellow patterned formica vanity top.  Doh!  Why don't I always carry my camera??

Those of us that love the mid century design knows the furniture was cool, the architecture, and housewares,  but for a razor to be cool?  Come on!

Indeed, it's a beauty.  Look at the lovely diamond, ice-blue detail of the handle, and the metal flanked neck complete with starburst design.  Even the plastic case is emblazoned with starbursts.  Pretty cool right?


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