Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Shop Items. Recent Vintage Finds.

I braved the ridiculous three digit temperatures this past weekend to get some new vintage booty.  My brother from Seattle was in town and he loves vintage too so we had to do it right.  Started off with what looked to be a very promising estate sale on Friday.  Turned out to be lame.  We waited in line for 1.5 hours only to finally get inside and find retail prices.  Bleck! What a waste of time.  I still managed to squeeze out a few smalls because I could not leave empty handed.  Then we were off to some thrift stores and an awesome flea market on Sunday.

Here's a sampling of what I picked up.  I was attracted to a lot of industrial modern pieces this trip: 

Vintage A-Frame Shadow Box 
how cute is the little ladder?  

Cast Iron Stamp/Seal/Embosser 1940's

Vintage Industrial Flashlight 

Extra Large Dansk Kobenstyle Dutch Oven by Jens Quistgaard

1950's Billiards Ball Rack

1950's Bakelite Rotary Wall Phone 

Mid Century Owl Oil Painting 

60's Posters with Cool Graphic Collage

Baby Blue Dominion Fan

Antique Mailbox Doors

Cast Iron Stove Spindle 

Old Film Reels

I have an eclectic taste and some things just speak to me.  While mid century modern is always my go-to and first love, I also like industrial modern styling.  Since mid century seems so hard to come by these days I have to mix it up.  Keeps it interesting.  

 Thanks for looking!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Craigslist Monday. Mid Century Modern Love.

I like to ease into Monday mornings by searching Craigslist Los Angeles for mid century finds.  I'd love to add any of these pieces to my home...

Broyhill Brasilia Dining Room $2500
Brasilia is my favorite Mid Century design.  I have a dresser and nightstand pair but still dream of acquiring more pieces someday.  

Mid Century Coffee Table $200
Check out the glass detail on this.  Love that!

1950's Telephone Table (best offer)
I love the atomic style.  

60's room divider $200
Knoll Saarinen Executive Chairs $399

Thursday, August 25, 2011

(Mid Century) Modern Doll Houses

I always loved doll houses as a girl....but really, I still do.  In the 70's my first doll house was the classic Victorian wood style that you glued together.  My Mom and I spent hours and days putting it together and furnishing it.  I loved it so much.

These days I still get warm and fuzzy feelings when I see a doll house but if I ever purchased one it would be a mid-mod style.  Now that I'm preggers maybe I can justify it.  Hey, it's decor!  Right?

How cool are these designs?  

Bozart Dollhouse  

Sibi Villa Doll House
yes, this is a doll house! 

Brinca Dada Emerson House
yep, another doll house. looks like the real thing! 

Brinca Dada Dylan House

Lundby Gotland Summer Dollhouse

Lundby Modern Dollhouse 

Plan Toy Contemporary Doll House
Plan Toys Chalet Doll House

Hape Bamboo Sunshine Doll House

Kid Craft Designer Doll House

Bauhaus Doll House by Cathy Osborne

Arne Jacobsen MiiBox

Lundy Gothenberg Doll House 

And last but not least, you MUST check out the incredible mini modern doll houses and interiors at:

Ok, don't you want a mid century modern doll house now?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Painting Vintage and Mid Century Modern Furniture.

I recently sold a little cut-out Heritage table locally. I loved it as is but always thought it was the perfect design for a fresh coat of bright paint. Check out what the new owner did with it:



And other painted vintage pieces: 

Hot Pink Mid Century Bookcase @ Fabulous Mess

Painted Brasilia Dresser @ Casa Sugar

Blue Hollywood Regency Dresser @ Custom Nursery Art 

Pink Accent Vintage Dresser @ Project Nursery

Yellow Vintage Credenza @ Mabel's House

Blue Desk Credenza @ Curbly

Yellow Vintage Chair @ Circa Furniture

What do you think?  Are you a purist or open to mod colors on vintage furniture? 

Monday, August 22, 2011

New Furniture in My Shop

I have a garage full o' mid century to repair, refinish, restore and SELL!   Problem is I like to shop more than I like to refinish, and this year with being pregnant I can't refinish like I used to so it's all piling up.

Finally, this past weekend my hubs and I made a nice dent in the garage.  Some of it didn't even need to be refinished, I just had to dig it out and photograph.  I was able to do the easier refinishing that does not require sanding and he did all the hard work....hey, it's about time! I've refinished everything on my own up until now with baby on board.   So, soon there will be a lot of furniture in my shop. Must get my garage back!

Here's what I've managed to post so far:

Cleaned, sanded a bit, primed and painted.  Voila! Like new. I love how these came out.  So cute!

I've held on to this chair for a long time because I love it. Time to let it go. It got sanded, stained and sealed.  New vinyl upholstery.

I really love this piece but have no place for it.  Someone else can love it. 

This was in my home for awhile but I traded up with a larger book shelf. Time to let this move into a new home.  No refinishing on this - being sold as is.  The books will hide scratches it has anyway.


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