Monday, August 22, 2011

New Furniture in My Shop

I have a garage full o' mid century to repair, refinish, restore and SELL!   Problem is I like to shop more than I like to refinish, and this year with being pregnant I can't refinish like I used to so it's all piling up.

Finally, this past weekend my hubs and I made a nice dent in the garage.  Some of it didn't even need to be refinished, I just had to dig it out and photograph.  I was able to do the easier refinishing that does not require sanding and he did all the hard work....hey, it's about time! I've refinished everything on my own up until now with baby on board.   So, soon there will be a lot of furniture in my shop. Must get my garage back!

Here's what I've managed to post so far:

Cleaned, sanded a bit, primed and painted.  Voila! Like new. I love how these came out.  So cute!

I've held on to this chair for a long time because I love it. Time to let it go. It got sanded, stained and sealed.  New vinyl upholstery.

I really love this piece but have no place for it.  Someone else can love it. 

This was in my home for awhile but I traded up with a larger book shelf. Time to let this move into a new home.  No refinishing on this - being sold as is.  The books will hide scratches it has anyway.


The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

I LOVE both both of those book shelves, wish I lived closer! Too bad I don't have room for more furniture in my apartment... I'm pretty much at capacity right now. :(

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Beautiful pieces! I really love the white nightstands.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I have that little bookshelf too! Did you have to replace the little metal feet on it? Mine are pretty bad and I have no idea how to bring them back. Great blog!


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