Saturday, August 13, 2011

Nursery Decisions: Dwell Transportation, Mid Century Rocker, Egg Lamp and a Monkey

Sometimes things just work themselves out for you.  I was torn about which crib bedding I liked best and I thought I was ready to choose Skip Hop Mod Dots but at 7 am this morning I logged on to the Craigslist baby section and someone had just posted Dwell's Transportation Bedding Set for $50!!  Well, there's no question I jumped all over it. I love the colors and simplicity (and boy-ness) of Transportation but I had put it out of mind due to the cost - $360.   Well, I'm now the proud owner of this set for only $50 and it just so happens it works out with some other pieces I already have.

Dwell Transportation Crib Bedding
I'd like to play up the turquoise in the bumper, so I might find turquoise sheets instead of Dwell's grey/white circle design it comes with.  

Now I can use my orange mid century rocker and not recover it.....well, I might still but the orange will work well if I decide not to spend that money.

I'll use my beloved space-age egg lamp in the nursery. You can't see it in the Dwell stock photo but this color green is also in the design.

And my monkey boy arrived today from Ebay.  It's a mid century modern Viking toy made in Japan.  He can't wait to move into the nursery (that's what he told me).

Next I'll be on the hunt for mid century fabric to make window curtains. I'd like something simple to bring out the green color or aqua blue.

I'll also need a rug, wall art and a storage cabinet - probably Ikea's cube style unit with the storage bins.

I'm having so much fun!

Update: I wanted to note that I got some great advice from my dear followers not to to all out on crib bedding because it's not really used.  I thought long and hard about this but in the end design won.  Form over function it is and at $50 why the heck not right?


Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Cute! Cute! Cute! The $50 deal you got on CL just proves that you were supposed to have it. It's what my grandfather called "living right" and I call "good karma." And everything you have goes with it perfectly.

My daughter bought the Malm 6-drawer dresser and the 4-drawer chest from Ikea, and they've been wonderful for storage. She put a changing pad on top of the dresser (with the drawer directly under it full of diapers and wipes and such), and it was just the right height. All those drawers hold clothes and towels and linens perfectly.

I'm so excited for you. I know how much fun we had getting a nursery ready, and I'm sure you're having a ball. With your flair for decorating, your nursery is going to be divine!

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

And they have the Ikea Expedit cube-style unit with a combination of open cubes, the inserts with doors and the plastic bins for toys and books...which accumulate at a rate faster than you can possibly imagine. :)

Sudha said...

awesome :)..waiting to see your final choices

Hunting Tigress said...

Great find & great buy! Have fun with the decorating!


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