Thursday, December 23, 2010

All my DUX in a row...

Well, rather my one DUX.  I wish I had a row!  I happened across this DUX chair on Craigslist on Sunday night.  Once in awhile a strange thing happens and somehow a "mid century" listing gets lost in the huge mix on Craigslist Los Angeles and goes unnoticed.  This was one of those times I guess because the posting was to expire in 1 day and it was still available, at a thrift store price.     I scooped it up on Monday.  Once the rain subsides here I plan to refinish it.  As is it looks pretty good though.

I am a HUGE fan of Wegner's Y and Wishbone chair so I just love the scooped back of this DUX.  The straight and angular legs are pretty attractive too.  Kind of Zelig looking no?  Not sure what I will do with this chair. I think it's destined for my Etsy shop. I really wish I could somehow have a huge room to "display" chairs.  I really would display them, like art.  It would look something like the chair display at Silica Three in North Hollywood.  Silica Three is a 12,000 ft warehouse full of to die for imported Danish furniture.....but at imported Danish furniture prices.   It's fun to browse and dream but I'll stick with my estate sales and thrift stores for my purchases.

Anyhoo, back to the DUX!   Here is my one lonely, but gorgeous chair: 

And more from the glorious DUX line courtesy Folke Ohlsson:

** And check out this post at Simplified Bee's blog to see pictures from the estate sale of Folke Olhsson's home in Northern California!  

Friday, December 10, 2010

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Overman Pod Chair.

I just picked up this authentic POD chair by Overman, Sweden.  I like the round mod shape of it. Oh-so-60's right?  But what really got me was the tulip base. I love that shape!  Blame Eero Saarinen for my obsession!

After some research I've learned that the tulip base on this chair is rare. Typically they were made with a 4-point base. Also, they are usually covered in leather. This is a velvety material.

I was going to sell it but I'm thinking I'd like to hang on to it.  I just need to find the space now. What do  you think? 

These are the primary colors in my living room. So why part with it - right?  Come on, try and help me justify keeping yet another one of my finds!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Lovely Lil' MCM Lamps.

One of my many Mid Century Modern loves = lamps.  Go ahead, search "lamp" on my blog and see what pops up.

So, remember the  post about "The Mother Ship"?  Well, I was looking for a small night stand lamp for my bedroom and got impatient... who me, impatient?  So I went off to Ebay and bought "The Mother Ship".   Don't get me wrong, I love TMS but wouldn't you know I found exactly what I wanted about 8 weeks later at 2 thrift stores.  

I have long admired small mcm lamps with long teak wood necks and tulip style bases.   Of course I have never come across one in my years of hunting so I thought "What are the chances"?  Hence the TMS purchase.  

Well, here they are, my two little lovelies.  Don't worry, TMS is safe and sound in my living room.

Came complete with the original lamp shade, which is in perfect condition. The body could use a re-paint.  I'll get around to that eventually.

Like new, just needs a lamp shade.  Poor pictures I know.  The bedroom is dark with the addition of my new window panel.

and....The Mother Ship

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jens Risom. Danish Modern.

Jens Risom is one of the great Danish designers of the mid century.  The son of an architect, Jens was destined to create some incredible designs during his life.   Indeed, that's what he did.

Jens Risom (1916-     )  
This beautiful and talented man is still with us!

He is considered one of the greats of the mid century designers and many of his pieces can be found in museums including The Museum of Modern Art NY, Yale University Art Gallery, Brooklyn Museum, Rhode Island School of Design Museum and Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum, the United State's museum of design history and contemporary design.

Jens trained at the Copenhagen School of Industrial Arts and Design and then traveled to New York to continue his studies.  In 1941 he partnered with Hans Knoll, which led to the creation of Hans Knoll Furniture Company in 1942.   (Post on Hans and Florence Knoll coming soon)!

In 1943 he was drafted into the US Army where he served under General Patton.  After his return from service he only briefly re-joined Knoll.  In 1946 Jens started his own design firm: Jens Risom Design (JRD).

Jens Risom designs:

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Lamp. Mid Century Modern.

I found this (gigantic) beauty of a lamp at Goodwill a couple of weeks back.   Of course I purchased it with all intention of selling it in my Etsy shop for someone else to love.  Wouldn't you know it, I get it home and bam!  it's "somehow" placed in my front entry room.  I just hate when that happens!

I moved some things around to accommodate the lamp and I'm not 100% in love with the look of the space but I can't bring myself to part with it.  It's a bit too busy in this area for my taste.  I've since moved the starburst clock down and too the right a bit. It was just floating in space up there.  I also added the green vase to the Lane table (the one from Salvation Army during my Ventura trip).  I guess it will have to do for now.  What do you think?

The lamp itself is in like new condition. It's hard to believe considering it's been around for 50+ years.  Someone took care of it...thank you someone.  Pretty huh?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Vintage Gifts for $20 and Under

Time to get your shop on!   How about a vintage gift this year for your loved one?  
Why vintage you ask?  Yes, I'm pretty sure I just heard you ask that......

Because vintage is cool!  It has stories to tell and character that you'll never find in a new piece. It's lived history and been held and used by people years ago.  It has a look that will never fully be recreated or duplicated.  How cool is that?  Not cool enough?  

Then think about this, each time you purchase a vintage item you don't purchase something new, which has been mass produced and has contributed to more stress on our resources and environment.  

Just check out some of these fantastic vintage finds for $20 and under from Etsy:

Mid Century Wall Clock $20.00


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