Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jason Lewis Furniture *New* Mid Century Modern

I recently came across the beautiful mid-century inspired furniture designs of Jason Lewis and wondered if anyone else knew his name?

While I will always prefer originals I do get that plenty of people want the style without all the scuffs and marks and want it to look brand new.

 Some of his gorgeous chairs:

RC01 Rocking Chair $1850

C03 Dining Chair $1150

C04 Spindle Dining Chair $1250

C02 Dining Chair $1150

RC03 $1750

Waaaaay out of my price range but pretty nonetheless!


Funky Home Finds said...

That RC03 armless rocker if gorgeous!!! But at that price, I think I'd have to give it the "velvet rope" treatment, and just look at it occasionally. And there's NO WAY the cats would get near it!!!

Rhan Vintage said...

So true, my cats would be like "Cool, a new chair to lounge on and cover in my fur". Yeah right!

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

I love the armless rocker too. It's fabulous.

Sudha said...

great looking pieces and seem to be well made, but i could NEVER afford his work :)

Modern-Source said...

Beautiful new collection. I love the illustration you provided in the last 2 images. Great work! I always love the chairs...especially in as you have shown. Elegant, timeless and actually comfortable. Great selection.
Mid Century Modern Furniture

Home decor Stores said...

nice collection of comfortable and stylish sets of chairs, very elegant and fits to all types of home

ร้าน Lek Funiture said...

sawasdee ka

i come to visit you blog naka



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