Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Vintage Mailboxes

I'm suddenly on a vintage mail box kick. It's my new obsession. Now I must find the perfect one for my home!
I came across this classic, blue vintage mail box over the weekend at an estate sale. It's not the style for outside my house so I put it in my shop, but it got me thinking; what other amazing vintage and mid century style mail boxes are out there?

While it's perfectly functional as a mail box it would also be cool art for inside the home. Use it in your office to store magazines or mail. I've seen these repurposed as planters and waste baskets. With it's striking blue color and red flag I could see this box as decor in a minimalist loft. So many uses!

Here are some other mail boxes I love that I've just come across this morning:

Atomic Ranch Style Vintage Mail Box by MsAtomic $18.99

Mid Century Modern Copper Mailbox by Vintage Modern Design $55

Umbra POSTINO Stainless Steel Retro Modern Mailbox $90

Mid Century Modern Mailbox on Ebay $375


Greg Kelly said...

I agree! I've gone on a vintage mailbox kick too. After reading the Fall 2013 Atomic Ranch issue where a reader asked: "Do you know of a good source of '50s period mailboxes?" and the Editor replied: "...the retro market seems to be wide open," I decided MCM enthusiasts were ready for a retro mid-century modern mailbox design to come back on the market. I'm going to launch a KickStarter campaign this Spring and hopefully backers will agree! Check out the design here

If you like the design, maybe you could put an image and link on your cool blog page...thanks!


Amanda Jesperson said...

Found this blog during a search for midcentury modern mailboxes. Noticed Greg Kelly's comment above and I have to add- I love his mailbox! We purchased one from several months ago and couldn't be happier with our decision. Great color choices and very well made. Looks great in front of our 1960 ranch in Atlanta. Neighbors stop by to inquire where they can find one just like it.

Amanda J.


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