Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Light Up My Vintage World

My shop is gaining quite a collection of lights. I even have more that have yet to be listed!
What I love about lighting is it can transform the way a room feels and looks. Your lamp choice is a big one:
Is it super simple and unobtrusive? Is it large and fabulous, the center of the room? Does it project soft light or light up the space well?
Me, I love several lights in a room (providing it's large enough to accommodate several - I have 3 in my living room den), that project soft light in different areas. For me it's important to have some light in all corners. I wish I had more spaces to fill in my home so I could build on my collection of vintage and mid century lamps but I'll just have to do with what I have. I'm all lit up!

Here are just a few from my shop and some etsy favorites below.....

My shop's Vintage Mid Century Fiberglass Table Lamp $40

My shop's Vintage Mid Century Ceramic Table Lamp $38

My shop's Vintage Mid Century Orange Tall Ceramic Lamp $85

And A Couple of My Favorites from other ETSY Sellers -

White Ceramic Onion Table Lamp $175 by LiseVintageLighting

Vintage Mid Century Modern Tall Organic Lamp Base $60 by Junk Culture

Quite Possibly My Favorite! Mid Century Modern Laurel Mushroom Lamp $299 by BeggarsandChoosers

What are your favorites?

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