Sunday, March 31, 2013

Swiss Made Secticon Space Age Clock.

I found this cool clock in a storage shed (that had been sitting untouched for decades), early last year.  The deceased owner's daughter invited me to pick the house and storage ALONE!  I remember it clearly because it was one of my first picks since having my son and I had him in tow, in a sling on my chest.  I was also very sick with a cold but how could I pass up a dream pick like this?  

Unfortunately I couldn't venture into the storage space too far for fear of spiders, unhealthy dust/dirt and rats.  I was wearing flip-flops too. How amateur of me, I know.  Without dear son, I would have jumped in head first, regardless of exposed feet.  I did however find some cool things just in the first few steps so it wasn't a total loss in the shed.

Turns out these clocks are pretty valuable.  There is currently one on Ebay for $495!  Now, that is probably pie in the sky, but some have sold (not working) for well over $100. Not bad considering I paid a couple bucks for it.

I was going to put it in my shop, but I think I'll let this guy live on a bookshelf in my house for awhile.

I was immediately drawn to the cool space age mod shape of it.

Other colors and styles:

I die!  Check out this awesome collection of clocks.  I would love to own this many beauties!


A Modern Line said...

These are really fun! How do they operate? Battery or do they wind from the bottom?

Rhan Vintage said...

My style is battery operated. Unfortunately it's not working. I should invest in having it fixed.

Gonked, Glooked and Slurped! said...

Great score!

Will said...

Love your blog! I love anything to do with vintage, especially antique clocks! Thanks for posting.

Hans Beelaerts said...

We can repair it with hard to get original parts if needed. Please leave it in original state as the work is very nice Swiss Portescap made. It will keep its value best when original work is in place. for adress details


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