Monday, June 25, 2012

Mid Century Love @ Ebay.

Cruising Ebay for Mid Century / Danish Modern pieces is one of my favorite pastimes.   Most of the time its just-for-fun browsing, as half of the things I fall in love with I either don't need, can't afford or have no space for, etc.  Once in awhile I find something that actually fits all of these things and I'll bid.  It's rare though!

Here are my faves from an early Sunday morning search...

Poul Jensen for Selig.  Danish Modern side table with cane shelf.  SOLD $177.50
I actually did want this side table and bid on it but did not win.  ;(

Beautiful but $7000?  Ouch!

How cool is this?  I love just about anything on a tulip base.   I would use this as a planter.  

I really want some new barstools but can't splurge like this. I'll hold out for a great estate find. That will take awhile, I know....but I've been pretty lucky with my "wish list" so far.

I'm a sucker for lamps and especially anything with this tulip/UFO shape.  Love these but don't need them OR have space for them. 

1950's Tripod Floor Lamp SOLD $209 EU / $325 USD
LOVE this lamp!  This, I would make room for.  

I clicked on this thinking it was a vase....again, me and the tulip shape.  But it's actually a large stool.  Cool!

I also adore space age mod, Panton era designs. 

I actually do need, er, want,  a new planter for my living room. I came across this and thought it was unusual. 

Another unusual planter/table.  Not my style but I thought it was fun and unique. 

That's it for now. Happy Monday!

Update on the Saturday estate sale I was so excited about... it was waaaay overpriced!  like retail + over priced.   I managed to still find a few affordable smalls and some fun things so it was not a total loss.   The lamps I wanted were $200 for the pair. ;(


Dana@Mid2Mod said...

So many cool things! My favorites are the Poul Jensen table, the champagne holder and the tripod floor lamp.

Vintage Hunter said...

That tripod floor lamp is awesome! I'd love one of those. I have that Selig table. Came FREE! with my Z chairs.

Rhan Vintage said...

wow, authentic Z chairs and a free Selig? Lucky girl ;D


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