Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm on the Hunt for Some Personal Pieces.

I'm currently on the hunt for these pieces for my own home: C. Jere flower/starburst sculpture, Nelson bubble lamp and a TV / media credenza.  These are not easy to find anyway, but especially hard to find at "my style prices" (def. cheap)

I missed out on a Room & Board Nelson style Cigar lamp on Craigslist this weekend because the seller obviously did not care about a first come first serve policy.   Hey, what can you do?   She was selling a brand new large Cigar Lamp for $75 OBO. They go for $379 at Room & Board.  So yeah, it stung a bit to lose out but that's how it goes.  That's okay though - I really prefer the round ball or saucer style to the cigar. Hey, I would have taken it for $75 though!

I came across the starburst / flower C. Jere sculpture on Craigslist today but I can't put out $450 for home decor at this point....nor do I really want to.  Anyone ever come across one at an estate sale or garage sale?  Not me. ;(

Lastly, I really want a new credenza in the living room for our DVD player, hubby's PS3 and the receiver.  Something kind of like this style:


Srinath Krishnan said...

wishing that you find them soon :)..and yes i am dying to own a credenza too :)

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Those are some of my favorite pieces too. We actually sold one of those C. Jere pieces several months ago. It was almost 5' tall and in really great shape. (If you go to our website, it's on the bottom row when you click the What's Sold tab.) We have a medium vintage ball, a large cigar table lamp from Modernica and a vintage saucer in the store right now. The saucer just arrived, so we haven't even hung it or photographed it yet. Sunday we won another ball and another cigar at an auction, but my SIL called today to tell me he hasn't found anyone yet who will pack and ship them for less than $300...which is WAY more than we paid to get the saucer shipped. We may take a bath on those if he can't find a cheaper shipper!

Hope you find what you want. I know how hard it is to find a bargain on those particular things.

Vintage Hunter said...

Those are all on my list too. I like the saucer style light the best. I love that style of Jere sculpture too though my #1 choice (if I could choose which Jere I'd happen to come across for next to nothing at a garage sale!) would be a black bird sculpture. And of course I'm always on the hunt for a credenza. I still have one entertainment armoire that is begging to be replaced. But I'm definitely with you, it has to be at the right price.


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