Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Couch Dilemma. Solved for Now.

I have no patience. I am not the "wait until the perfect thing comes along" girl.  No, I obsess.  I  must have it now!  I happened across a gondola style sofa with attached table that I bought to re-sell but I fell in love.  I tried to make it work in my space, I really did.  But, I could not find other pieces to work well with it and honestly, I felt bad seeing my husband trying to lounge on a skinny, low profile sofa that is really more of a decor piece than lounging couch.  We really lounge on our sofas so while I tend to choose form over function, in this case the couches need to be practical and super comfortable.

Long story short, yesterday I ended up buying West Elm's Tillary sofa set from Craigslist.  We got a great price and they are pretty much what I wanted: low profile, minimal and modular.  To compliment them I'm going to find a danish lounge arm chair.  Now I'm obsessing about that!  Ugh, I just recently sold one that would have worked perfectly. Dang it!

Here was my original set up with brown modular couches. We liked them but the set was too chunky and it seemed to eat up our space:
There is another sofa on the other wall.  Cool set but too big.

Then it looked like this with the gondola sofa:
I liked this but couldn't find 2 other pieces that worked with it.

Now I have these pieces and we love them. These are stock pics from West Elm.  What's cool about this design is that the back supports are weighted cushions that can be moved around for different looks. We got the charcoal blue color.

I just need to finish the look off with a mid century/ danish lounge chair.

I really fell in love with these as I was looking at "new" mid century options but the prices held me back b/c I would need 2 plus a chair. 

Luna Sofa by True Modern $1500

Corona @ Macy's $899

Blu Dot's One Night Stand Sofa $1800

Blu Dot Paramount $1700
Urban Outfitters Armless Danish Sofa $479.
I like this look but all I hear about is how uncomfortable and cheap they are.

I'll continue to hunt for my perfect set but for now we're good with the Tillary. 


Dana@Mid2Mod said...

I loved getting a peek at your house. It's beautiful...but then I knew it would be. I can so relate to being a "right now" kind of gal.

Modernsnap ! said...

Ooh, congrats! Can't wait to see it in your place!

Krazy4Mod said...

I'm all about a piece being comfortable. Your new sofa looks like it would be super comfy. I hate to think about how many pieces of furniture I have brought home because I knew I could "work it in" to my current design. Yet, all the while, I knew deep down that I probably couldn't. It's so hard for me to pass up a great deal on a nice piece. I'm sure there's a diagnosis for this condition. The bad news is...I think it's incurable. :)


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