Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Plycraft Beam of Sunshine on my Rainy Day

It's a rainy day in Los Angeles. Wish I was sitting in this chair with a nice cup of tea.
I suppose it's good though, after a week-long triple digit heatwave and we need the rain around here. Just a little disappointing to leave the sunshine to go to Seattle for a long weekend, and return to rain. Oh well!

While waiting on the sun to return to my life, this beam of light, aka an original plycraft lounge chair, sent me a much needed jolt! The rain makes you sleepy right?

Check out this motherlode of a set (found on Craigslist Los Angeles): An original leather Plycraft Mr. Chair and ottoman by George Mulhauser (as stated).
It has loving been restored with crisp white leather upholstery. G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S! And the boomerang coffee table is gorgeous too! What a set!
White would never last around my house though. I lovingly share it with a messy, ehem, not-as-neat-as-I-would-like husband, and 3 cats who enjoy 60's furniture too - yeah, like they have any idea they are sitting on original mid century pieces!

And for a's one of my cats, Birdie, fast asleep on a Danish lounge chair.


Mr. Modtomic said...

Ray of Sunshine? Uhhhh...I'm thinking TORTURE.

Iwantit Iwantit Iwantit!!!

I'm guessing the asking price was a small fortune.

How much for the Kitters Lounge?

Oh, and I finally changed my "comment name".

Rhan Vintage said...

Ok, I was trying to be positive but yes, it's really more like torture! I want it too! Yep, small fortune.

Birdie said she'd sell the lounge to you for $200.


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