Friday, October 29, 2010

Give the Gift of Vintage!

Though it's hard for me to stomach, the holidays are fast approaching.  I'm someone who wishes it could go from Summer to Fall to Summer to Fall and skip the rest.  Bah humbug, I know.

Why not give the gift of vintage this year?  Vintage pieces are tid bits of history.  How incredible to imagine where they've been?  They are usually quite well made (think Mid Century furniture) and if we're talking 1950's-1960's, they look modern and oh-so-cool.  Plus it's good for the earth. It's time to re-use what we've got.

Where to find?  There are so many outlets for shopping vintage if you're not a thrift store/garage sale/estate sale troll like myself. Etsy is an incredible source for vintage and all things handmade.

Case 1 - check out this incredible treasury (a collection of a person's favorite items from Etsy) for the "Mod Man" put together by Irene Suchocki, an amazing photographer.  Great gift ideas and some great prices too.  Look at the incredible art deco phone for $21.  I paid more than that for mine at an estate sale.

Cool stuff right?  My Eames inspired chair is part of this great collection.  Thanks Irene!!

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