Monday, October 25, 2010

Friday Finds. Vintage Lamps and a Drafting Chair.

Friday afternoon I made a stop into one of my other favorite Salvation Army stores in my neighborhood and had some great finds.  You just never know what might be there. That's part of my addiction - the hunt and the unexpected surprises.  It's a great rush to find cool things!

I love the color of this mid century drafting chair and it's in great shape aside from some expected scuffing on the foot stool and a little threading on the seat.  I really have no place for this chair so I think it's destined for my Etsy shop

I had been searching for a cute lamp for my bedroom side table with no luck.  It seems when I'm looking for something it doesn't show up.  I get impatient.  I broke down and bought a lamp on Ebay, which is fabulous but wouldn't you know it, days after I pay for the Ebay lamp I find a mushroom/tulip lamp.

I have a thing for anything mushroom and tulip shaped. Fortunately for me these styles were huge in the 60's.  Thank you Eero Saarinen and Laurel lamps.

I'd been eyeing mushroom lamps on Etsy and Ebay for awhile but couldn't justify popping for one.  I love the hunt and finally finding something on my own at a thrift store or garage sale.  Surprise for me when I spotted this one. Yay! where will I put the Ebay lamp that is soon to arrive?  

I also found this awesome industrial style mid century lamp.  It's in great condition and would look so cool in someone's office or creative space.  Hey, it will go well with drafting chair.  I love how it hooks on the back (in the picture it's on my front door to demonstrate).   The neck can be moved up or down and held in place by tightening the orange knob.

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