Monday, June 28, 2010

She Crept into My Head and Captured my Dreams

A little magic happened this past Saturday when I happened upon a sale and met the incredibly talented and uniquely gifted Jacqleeen Bleu.

I love when life hands you tiny gifts you aren't expecting. Jacqleen Bleu is a fellow Etsian, a wonderful photographer with an incredible, magical eye, and a jewelry designer who makes gorgeous old world style pieces. She also happens to be a very cool girl.

With one glance I fell in love with her photography. I told her "It's like you crept into my dreams". The photos are like fairy tales, magical and haunting. They spawn nostalgia of times you have never experienced but feel like you have lived.

Here are some of my favorites....

I'd like to live in Alice's house. I'd have a tea party with my dearest friends. After they departed, I'd find solace outside while I sat quietly waiting for tiny birds to visit my bird house. Later that evening I'd fall asleep to the tune of the tiny ballerina spinning my cares away.

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