Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday Thrift Store Finds

Actually it was Craigslist that got me out of the house today.   I came across a 1960's bookshelf on Craigslist last night for $25. It's a design I've always loved so I wrote to see if I could pick it up today.  I figured at $25 it would already be gone but nope, I am the lucky new owner. I drove about 20 minutes today to grab it then made some thrift-stops on the way home.

Pardon the bad picture. It's so bright in my living room with the afternoon sun.  I can't wait to arrange this with new mid century smalls. For now I threw on whatever I could find laying around so it wasn't bare. 

I just love this multi tier look and the openness of the design.  West Elm and Crate and Barrel do modern designs similar to this original 60's look. 

What else did I find today?  

This cool little guy caught my attention. Not sure what it is - there is a hole in the top, but I just like it.  Very 60's native, tiki, folk arty huh?

Mid Century glass Blendo bowl.  It was a strange find because I already have one exactly like it!  This one will go in my shop. 

Lotus fine china cake plate.  Design by Georges Briard. I love the retro greek geometric look.  I love this design on rugs.  

I also picked up this awesome large glass bowl that says "Munchies" on it in a cool retro type.  I had to give it to my husband as his new popcorn bowl.  Why?  Because one of his many pet names is Munchies.  Don't ask, long story! 

I just love these lazy susan style dishes. I see them often and usually pass them up but I love the pink and aqua colors of this set and they're in perfect condition. They're stamped Classica Original Made in USA.  

Lastly, I found this little triangle Mersman table.  Unfortunately the previous owner painted it brown but I'm confident I can restore it to its former glory.  

Not a bad day thrifting!


The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

I'm very envious of that shelf, can't believe you snapped it up so cheap! Love the little triangle table too. :)

Krazy4Mod said...

Love the shelving unit and all of your other great finds. Some days it just pays to get out of bed :)

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Love your bookcase, and I'm absolutely infatuated with Georges Briard piece.

Sudha said...

wow! lucky finds


adriane said...

Great finds! I'm in love with that cake plate. I would love to find curtains in that pattern... Someone should start making modern textiles based on mid-century dishware.

Oh, do you know if that "munchies" bowl is actually vintage? My mom just recently found an identical one that says "popcorn" and we haven't been able to figure out if it's just "retro" or actually vintage. It is all over the internet, and the consensus is that it's vintage. Just curious if you had any idea! I love your bowl by the way. It's so neat that you found one with your husband's nick-name on it!

Rhan Vintage said...

I'm pretty sure it's vintage. I've seen the popcorn bowls too and others similar.

adriane said...

I think you're right. Either way, they are so heavy and the font is amazing. You can't really go wrong... I have a small bowl that says "NUTS!" on it. The fourth grader in me finds it endlessly amusing.

Eric said...

Just found your blog while researching the exact Mersman table you show here that I picked up today. Mine is even painted also! Did you ever strip and re-finish yours? Just wondered how it came out.

Rhan Vintage said...

Hi Eric, I did strip it and it came out great. The wood underneath was perfect so all it needed was a light oil. Unfortunately I did not take "after" photos and I've sold the table.

Eric said...

Thanks for your reply. If mine does not look good after I strip it, I'll just re-paint it "Hot Rod Red" ! I think I will enjoy your blog!

Rhan Vintage said...

Best of luck and thank you for following!


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