Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Danish Modern Teak Planters.

I came across this teak planter. Had to have it. Do I need a planter?  Nope.

It's simple, minimalist (redundant?) and cute.  It's not the planter to end the search for planters, but I like it.  We'll see.....

More Danish Modern, Mid Century planters:

Ebay.  $500 - reserve not met

Ebay. $750

Ebay. $99

Etsy. $285

 Etsy. $350

Ebay. Sold $181


Dana@Mid2Mod said...

I love your planter...and I want that one on Etsy for $285! I just contacted the seller to see what shipping would be.

Rebecca said...

So cool!

Rhan Vintage said...

Yes, that one is beautiful! Let me know if you end up getting it! ;)

Vintage Hunter said...

Great planter - I'd love to see it when you get plants added!


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