Friday, May 14, 2010

Here Piggy Piggy

I love Pigs! Not bacon, pigs. Yes, it's true....I think they're cute, smart, and lovable. If I did not live in Los Angeles I'd keep one! Hmmm, how to live in the city and still keep a farm? I'm working that out in my head.
I remember my grandma's farm in Missouri when I was little. Ahhhh.....

Check out this adorable vintage (and Mid Century-esque if I do say) pig candle from Hallmark. I'm guessing it's from the 80's. It was tough for me to list but I need to stop keeping everything I find for my store!

Vintage Hallmark Pig Candle from Rhan (that's me)

Other cute piggies on Etsy:

Look at this adorable pair. How cute are they in their little overalls?

Vintage Pig Salt and Pepper Shakers from EarthyVintage

I love love vintage brass figurines. This is a serious farm hog!

Vintage Brass Pig from MechanicalStag

Look how happy this guy is. Love those pink cheeks!

Pink and WhitePorky the Pig Shaker/Garlic Keeper from TuckedAwayTreasures

Sweet Vintage Piglets. So cute!

Vintage Piglets from Fawn Potter

Cool 1960's Fisher Price Toy Pig

Fisher Price Vintage 1963 Peter Pig Collectible by Lloftus

Too cute!

Wooden Pig Toothpick Holder from Avantegarage

Never seen anything like it. Little hog holding one end of your measuring tape.

Vintage Pig Measuring Tape Japan from Carpebellus

Sweet Little Smiling Piggy Bank. Classic!

Pot Bellied Piggy Bank from AquaBeads

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Modernsnap ! said...

I saw your kickin' pig B4 I saw your blog post, LOVE it! And I don't even really like pigs so go figure! :)


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