Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mid Century Modern for Pets.

If you're like me, mid century obsessed, you like everything to have the mid mod look.....even your pet's furniture and accessories.

I've been drooling over Hepper's super cool cat Pod Bed for quite some time.  I saw one on Craigslist a while back at a great price and missed out.    My kitties would love this!   

As you can see below small dogs apparently love them too:

available in tons of colors and the top comes off for an open seat.

I'm also really loving the Pei Pod

How cool do these cats feel in this egg shaped house? Yeah, very cool.  

And the Kitty Pod, another raised pod style bed, by HJ Mews.

Does Kitty love the Eames style?  Check out another cool design by HJ Mews, the Canopy Lounge. 

Kitty love mid century architecture? Let him / her sleep in their very own mid century home by Urban Pet Haus

We all know cats work so hard...yeah right, and deserve a great place to sleep. Let your kitty (or man's best friend) lounge in style on the Bambu Pet Hammock by Pet Lounge Studios.

I never thought in a million years I could appreciate the design of a cat scratcher.  But, here it is:  

Modern Cardboard Scratcher at Modern Cat

And an attractive litter box? Never....right?  Nope, they made that look good too:

Litter Hideaway Circa 50 at Modernist Cat

And slightly more litter boxy feeling, yet still way cool in a space age design, the Litter Robot, self cleaning system:

Does kitty crave pretty feeding bowls like you crave vintage dinnerware?  Try one of Vurv's amazing designs:

Can someone tell this little cute guy he's not technically supposed to be IN the bowl? 

Makes me want to go shopping for my cats. How about you?


Dana@Mid2Mod said...

What great things for pets! Unfortunately, the mid-century furniture my dogs have claimed as their own are my sofa and living room chair. While I was gone a few days ago, they must have started roughhousing on the sofa, because they pulled several places on it. Bad doggies!

Rhan Vintage said...

Dana I hear ya! My cats always gravitate to the MCM lounge chairs. Fortunately they have not damaged anything (yet).

Sudha said...

lovely idea to give them their own piece of mcm classy can pet furniture get!!


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