Monday, January 16, 2012

Check out this cool little blog that features cool finds from Etsy = EtsySpot.  I love all the hand-picked vintage.

My Danish modern, Peter Hvidt inspired sofa was featured today. Thanks Ninja from Norway.

Happy Monday!  


Dana@Mid2Mod said...

I absolutely salivate every time I look at this sofa. It's so gorgeous.

A Modern Line said...

That sofa would be sweet in the same room as the cane faced Wythe-Craft pieces I just finished. That sofa was a nice score!

Modernsnap ! said...

Where's the baby news? I'm checking everyday! :)

Thanks for looking at my blog still after all this time, I really appreciate it so much. I still feel that we are soul sisters in some way with the whole lamp, chair, mod hoarding problems connection. :)

Take care and keep us posted!


Rhan Vintage said...

Hey Girl! Of course I hadn't forgotten my soul sista!
No baby yet, 10 days after my due date. He needs to be evicted soon.


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