Saturday, March 17, 2012

Living in the 1950's.

Who caught TLC's "My Crazy Obsession" episode of Doris Mayday, a modern-day woman living in her own 1950's world?

From her home furnishings, to her clothes, makeup, and the car she drives, Doris lives like it was 1950.   Even her boyfriend partakes in the lifestyle wearing 1950's clothing.  Check it out HERE.

If it didn't exist in the 50's Doris does not use or partake in it. That means she does not have a cell phone, she watches a television from the 1950's and even limits the music she listens to to that of the 50's era.  Even her undergarments are from this era...imagine that!  

In this episode she brought in a 50's etiquette coach so she could learn how to be more like the women of this time - i.e. proper.  A few tips were: A lady only shakes a hand with one pump. Today's 3 pump shake is too strong and masculine for a woman. Second, the woman of the house would always offer to take a guests coat upon entry to her home and would introduce herself as "Miss Doris Mayday".


Beccalina said...

OHhh I didn't see that! Now I have to watch it. Thanks! I'm familiar with her modeling...she is so beautiful! Although I'm use to her as a blonde.

Edgar said...

I saw this episode and absolutely LOOOVED it! I was drooling over her home furnishings. Doris is such a beauty....I want to marry her LOL!!

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

I love mid-century, and between the blog and the store, I sometimes feel as if I live and breathe it. But I have to confess that I can't understand wanting to take it to this extent.

Amber said...

I'm friends w/ Doris on Facebook and she said sooooo much of that show was staged. She doesn't wear bags on her shoes in the winter either lol. Boo to that TLC.


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