Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bullet Planters and New Finds.

I've obsessed about bullet planters long enough. I finally broke down and purchased a pair on Ebay.  All I really wanted was the short one but I got a great deal on 2 so I couldn't pass up the pair.

The short tan one has found it's home here in my living room. I'm not sure where the taller black bullet will go but I'm sure I can find a space.  

These are so hard to come by now that I don't think I can part with the black one.  I'd regret it later.  In my years of picking I've never seen one at a sale.  Where are they hiding? 

So, now my old planter is for sale in my shop.  I hate to see it go but go it must!

And check out some of my new finds:

Cork lamp with the coolest teak wood neck

Heywood Wakefield side table

Atomic ceramic lamp

Space age mod patio set

Burke tulip chair 

The Visible Woman educational model


Dana@Mid2Mod said...

What a lucky streak! Everything you've found lately is absolutely stunning. The lamps are so unique...just gorgeous. I also love the patio set. I'd actually like to have that for myself. That would be perfect for the grandsons to use at my house. I agree that you should keep both bullet planters. You'd kick yourself later if you let them go.

nickarmadillo said...

I always love a good bullet planter. Glad you were finally able to pick a couple up. They are impossible to find here too. I finally just ordered a new repro online when a deal popped up. It was far more than I'd want to spend on a planted, but at least it wasn't anywhere near retail.

A Modern Line said...

Nice bullet planters! Yes, they seem very hard to find. I had someone come by the store the other day and sell me two for a ridiculously low price. Had to scrub them down and paint them but they look great! Nice find on the H/W nighstand!

Hunting Tigress said...

Hey, I have the visible man - maybe they can get together sometime! I ended up buying a reproduction bullet planter from Hip Haven last spring. I love it but it would be great to have the real thing. Your finds are amazing!

Rhan Vintage said...

Hahaha! They can get together and make some clear babies! I was about to order from Hip Haven too, then I checked Ebay once more and there was my set. Thank so much!


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