Monday, July 2, 2012

The Space Age. Mid Century Architecture and Design.

I love what came out of the "Space Age". From the architecture, to home decor, fashion and more, it was the coolest time.   Will we ever see a more interesting take on design? I think not.

Here are some of my favorite Googie designs:

Arvest Bank  Oklahoma City, OK. 
Designed by Robert Roloff of Bailey, Bozalis, Dickinson & Roloff 1964
courtesy Flickr and Distinctly Oklahoma 

Various Motel Signs

Horgan Dance Academy  Naguatuck, CT.
Courtesy Way Marking

Alma Exchange Bank  Alma, Georgia 1966
Courtesy Way Marking

Orbit Gas Station  Sacramento, CA. 

Encounter Restaurant at LAX  Los Angeles, CA.
Courtesy Flickr

Hope International University  Fullerton, CA. 
Courtesy Wikipedia

Museum of Vancouver 
Designed by architect George Hamilton 1968
Courtesy Ouno Design

Del Taco  St. Louis, MO.
Courtesy Way Marking 

Anaheim Convention Center  Ahaheim, CA.

Chip's Coffee Shop & Cafe  Hawthorne, CA.
Courtesy Ron Saari

Phoenix Financial Center  Phoenix, AZ.
Courtesy Way Marking

JFK Airport Terminal 5 & TWA Terminal Interior
Designed by Eero Saarinen


Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Great images! Most of these I had never seen before. Thanks for posting them.

Architecture Linked said...

The "Space Age" was definitely a very cool time in architecture and design. Luckily, we can still see spaceship-like design elements in some contemporary works. :)


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