Monday, April 22, 2013

George Nelson Swag Leg Chair for Herman Miller.

That is one sexy chair. Yes, I crush on chairs often, but this one is something special.  You've got to admit, it's pretty spectacular.

The chair's history, taken from

When George Nelson began designing his Nelson™ Swag Leg chair for Herman Miller™ in 1958, he envisioned a sculptural look for the chair's base that would be made of metal and machine-formed. Nelson found his technical solution in “swagging,” a method of using pressure to taper and curve a metal tube, and engineered an elegant method of joining the four legs into one, tree trunk-like organic shape with a splayed base.

For the chair shell, Nelson got permission from Charles and Ray Eames to use their patented process for molding plastic, and created a chair with separate seat and back shells to let the chair back flex as the sitter moves, and allow air to circulate to prevent heat build-up. The resulting chair was a triumph of design that was comfortable, functional and aesthetically pleasing, equally at home in living rooms, dining rooms and home offices. 

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Charles Pollock helped design the chair!  After graduating from Pratt in the early 1950's, Pollock joined George Nelson's design studio. During his time with Nelson, he worked on the ground-breaking Swag Leg Chair, based on an idea he began developing while at Pratt. 

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Dana@Mid2Mod said...

I get chair crushes too, and this one has definitely made my heart flutter!


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