Friday, May 17, 2013

Vintage 50's & 60's Weddings on the Rise.

1950's - 60's themed weddings are all the rage.  Google it and you'll get endless pages with inspiration.  I personally LOVE vintage inspired weddings.  Like I even had to say that, right?

Just pulled from the web: "It's now been claimed the couple (Singer Adele and her fiance) are finalizing wedding details, with their special day taking place at the end of July. They reportedly want the day to have a '50s theme, although the fine details remain a secret."

My July 2006 wedding had some historical elements, but it was not "vintage" per se.  Our ceremony was in a European inspired church in downtown Los Angeles and our reception was at the historic Castle Greene in Pasadena.  It had an old-world vibe, was not 50's.  I was not in full mid-century swing just yet, or you bet it would have been.

If my hubby and I renew our vows someday, it will be 50's themed.  Enough about me....

Yours Truly above ;)

Here are some drool-licisous vintage dresses and wedding ideas if you're about ready to get hitched:


Dana@Mid2Mod said...

The vintage wedding shots are great, but I was more delighted to finally put a face to your name. Your wedding photos are wonderful. That was a beautiful location, and you and your husband are movie star gorgeous.

Rhan Vintage said...

Thank you Dana!

Mick said...

I love the idea "vintage weddings" "vintage wear" "Vintage everyday!"
harkening back to the grown up 1950's and early 60's just looks so classy. Have you seen the new Chevy Commercial? (I think its for the Impala) the couple in the ad are dress just as if it was 1962, and I ADORE IT!


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