Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Trend Alert II: Mustaches....?

Why am I seeing mustaches all over? It's true, the "stache" is a trend. Perhaps they have always been on-the-sly cool, but now they are especially hot.

Check em' out popping up everywhere:

Humanga Stache ball/mustache for dogs from Think Geek

Respect the Stache T-shirt from Aussie Company Zazzle

Mustache Necklace at Linens & Things

Felt Mustache Disguise by Lupin on Etsy

Mustache on a Stick from Maro Designs on Etsy

Mustache Mugs by Peteribrugger

Mustache Bandages from Urban Outfitters

and if you haven't laughed yet, visit the American Mustache Institute!

1 comment:

Modernsnap ! said...

I just don't get it. I think there's some secret code to the stache trend that stupid people like me aren't getting and that makes the people who DO get the trend laugh and laugh! hope i'm wrong!


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